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ABOUT Busy Man Textile

Jiangsu Busy Man Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a company with 12 years of experience in towel production and OEM processing. It is mainly engaged in the production of various towels such as square towels, towels, sports towels, bath towels, and cold towels. As a China OEM Sublimation Printed Hooded Towel Manufacturer and Sublimation Printed Hooded Towel Factory, Busy Man Textile now has a production area of ​​over 9,500 square meters, 2 digital printing towel production lines, and a daily production area of ​​over 15,000 square meters.

Busy Man Textile has served more than 500 brands so far, and its cooperative brands include Disney, One Piece, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, Volkswagen, etc. It also won the 2017 "Beauty of Made in China" award. The company has established long-term cooperation with well-known Japanese international brands, such as Marubeni Co., Ltd., Maruwa Co., Ltd., Marutaka Co., Ltd., Itochu Co., Ltd., etc. It has strict operating procedures for international brand orders and an ERP system for production management and tracking of processing orders.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Dubai, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, etc, our factory has also passed Disney's factory inspection standards and gained global recognition in production.

Our Certificates

The company's core product: cotton digital printed towel. The company has passed Disney, Universal sources, McDonald and ISO9001 quality system certification, is a national high-tech enterprise.

  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • ISO14001 Certificate
  • ISO45001 Certificate
  • Disney Certificate
  • Alibaba Certificate

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Sublimation Printed Hooded Towel Industry knowledge
Are there specific care instructions for maintaining sublimation prints on hooded towels?
Proper care is essential to maintain the vibrant sublimation prints on hooded towels. Here are guidelines for keeping your Sublimation Printed Hooded Towel in excellent condition:
For washing, opt for a machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent. This helps preserve the integrity of the sublimation prints. It's advisable to wash the towel separately or with like colors to prevent color bleeding.
When drying, consider air-drying whenever possible to avoid exposing the towel to excessive heat. If using a dryer, choose a low-heat setting and promptly remove the towel to prevent over-drying.
Steer clear of using bleach or harsh cleaning agents, as they can fade and damage the sublimation prints. Instead, opt for a gentle approach to preserve the vibrancy of the designs.
In case ironing is necessary, use a low-temperature setting. To protect the sublimation prints, place a thin cloth or parchment paper between the iron and the towel.
Prevent direct exposure to sunlight during storage or hanging to avoid fading over time. Handle the towel with care to minimize friction and abrasion that could potentially damage the sublimation prints.
Avoid the use of fabric softeners, as they may contain chemicals that could adversely affect the quality of the sublimation prints.
Regularly inspect the hooded towel for any signs of wear or damage to catch potential issues early on.
Refer to the manufacturer's specific care instructions for additional recommendations tailored to the materials used in your hooded towel. Following these guidelines will help ensure the long-lasting beauty of your sublimation printed hooded towel.
How does the quality of sublimation prints on hooded towels compare to other printing methods?
The quality of sublimation prints on hooded towels often surpasses that of some other printing methods. One notable aspect is the full-color capability and high resolution of sublimation prints, capturing intricate details and vibrant colors to create visually appealing designs. Unlike surface-level prints, sublimation integrates seamlessly with the fabric, providing a smooth and unified appearance.
Durability is a key strength of sublimation prints. They resist fading, cracking, and peeling, ensuring the longevity of the designs through repeated washes and regular use. The customization options with sublimation are extensive, allowing individuals to choose or create personalized designs, including images, logos, and messages.
Sublimation stands out in reproducing multicolored and complex designs with precision, making it ideal for intricate patterns commonly found on hooded towels. The eco-friendly nature of the sublimation process, which involves minimal waste and no harmful byproducts, is another advantage.
The soft touch and breathability of the fabric are maintained with sublimation prints, offering comfort and usability. Additionally, sublimation excels in producing photo-realistic prints, making it suitable for personalized items featuring images or photographs.
While sublimation printing offers numerous benefits, the choice of printing method depends on specific requirements, budget considerations, and the intended use of the Sublimation Printed Hooded Towel. Different methods have distinct advantages and limitations, and consideration of these factors is crucial in making an informed decision.