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ABOUT Busy Man Textile

Jiangsu Busy Man Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a company with 12 years of experience in towel production and OEM processing. It is mainly engaged in the production of various towels such as square towels, towels, sports towels, bath towels, and cold towels. As a China OEM Blanket Supplier and Blanket Company, Busy Man Textile now has a production area of ​​over 9,500 square meters, 2 digital printing towel production lines, and a daily production area of ​​over 15,000 square meters.

Busy Man Textile has served more than 500 brands so far, and its cooperative brands include Disney, One Piece, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, Volkswagen, etc. It also won the 2017 "Beauty of Made in China" award. The company has established long-term cooperation with well-known Japanese international brands, such as Marubeni Co., Ltd., Maruwa Co., Ltd., Marutaka Co., Ltd., Itochu Co., Ltd., etc. It has strict operating procedures for international brand orders and an ERP system for production management and tracking of processing orders.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Dubai, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, etc, our factory has also passed Disney's factory inspection standards and gained global recognition in production.

Our Certificates

The company's core product: cotton digital printed towel. The company has passed Disney, Universal sources, McDonald and ISO9001 quality system certification, is a national high-tech enterprise.

  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • ISO14001 Certificate
  • ISO45001 Certificate
  • Disney Certificate
  • Alibaba Certificate

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Blanket Industry knowledge
How Do Blankets Contribute to a Warm and Inviting Home Decor?
Blankets contribute significantly to creating a warm and inviting home decor by adding layers of comfort, texture, and style. Here's how blankets enhance the cozy atmosphere of your living space:
Texture and Softness:Blankets, especially those made from soft and tactile materials like fleece, faux fur, or knits, introduce a layer of texture and softness to your home decor. They invite touch and create a sense of comfort.
Color Coordination:Blankets come in a myriad of colors, allowing you to coordinate them with your existing decor. Whether you choose subtle neutrals for a minimalist look or bold hues for a vibrant touch, blankets contribute to the overall color scheme of your home.
Layered Bedding:On beds, blankets serve as an essential layer in the bedding ensemble. Layering different blankets with contrasting textures or colors adds depth and visual interest to your bedroom decor.
Seasonal Accents:Changing blankets with the seasons is an easy way to update your home decor. Lighter blankets in pastel shades work well for spring and summer, while heavier, warmer blankets in rich tones are good for fall and winter.
Throws for Stylish Flair:Throws, a type of blanket, are particularly versatile for home decor. Draped over sofas, chairs, or the foot of a bed, throws add a stylish flair to your living space. Their casual placement creates an inviting and lived-in feel.
Cozy Reading Nooks:Blankets are essential for creating cozy reading nooks. Whether tossed over a comfy chair or folded neatly on a window seat, a blanket completes the inviting atmosphere of a reading corner, encouraging relaxation.
Cohesive Living Spaces:Coordinating blankets across different living spaces, such as the living room and bedroom, creates a cohesive and harmonious design. Repeating similar textures or colors ties your home decor together.
Personalized Throws:Blankets often feature various designs, patterns, or personalization options. Choosing throws that resonate with your interests, such as patterned throws or monogrammed blankets, adds a personal touch to your home decor.
Warmth and Comfort:Beyond aesthetics, blankets serve a functional purpose by providing warmth and comfort. Snuggling up with a cozy blanket enhances the overall comfort of your home, making it a welcoming space for family and guests.
Inviting Seating Areas:Draping blankets over seating areas, whether on sofas, chairs, or benches, creates an inviting ambiance. It encourages relaxation and prompts individuals to settle in and enjoy the comfort of the space.
Holiday and Festive Themes:Blankets can be incorporated into holiday decor, adding a festive touch during special occasions. Seasonal prints or themed blankets contribute to the overall celebratory atmosphere.
Easy Styling Updates:Changing blankets is a quick and cost-effective way to update your home decor. Experimenting with different textures and colors allows you to refresh the look of your living spaces without a major overhaul.
By thoughtfully selecting blankets that align with your decor preferences and integrating them strategically into your home, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal style and enhances the comfort of your living spaces.
How to Choose the Right Blanket for Your Specific Sleeping Preferences?
Choosing the right blanket for your specific sleeping preferences involves considering factors such as material, weight, size, and personal comfort preferences. 
Material Matters:Consider the material of the blanket. Common options include cotton, fleece, wool, and down. Each material has unique properties, such as breathability, warmth, and softness. Choose a material that aligns with your comfort preferences.
Weighted Blankets for Calming Sleep:If you find comfort in gentle pressure, consider a weighted blanket. These blankets are filled with materials like glass beads to provide a calming and cocooning effect, promoting relaxation and better sleep quality.
All-Season Versatility:If you prefer a single blanket for year-round use, look for options labeled as "all-season" blankets. These are designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience in both warm and cool temperatures.
Size Matters:Choose a blanket size that suits your bed and personal preferences. Some individuals prefer oversized blankets for extra coziness, while others prefer a more tailored fit. Consider whether you want the blanket to drape over the sides of the bed or tuck neatly.
Texture and Softness:Pay attention to the texture and softness of the blanket. Some people prefer the silky feel of satin, while others enjoy the plushness of fleece. Test the texture against your skin to ensure it aligns with your comfort expectations.
Hypoallergenic Options:If you have allergies, consider hypoallergenic blankets. Materials like down alternative or certain types of synthetic fibers can provide warmth without triggering allergic reactions.
Ease of Care:Check the care instructions for the blanket. If easy maintenance is a priority, opt for blankets that are machine washable and dryable. Some materials, like cotton, are known for their durability and ease of care.
Personal Preference for Thickness:Consider the thickness or loftiness of the blanket. Some people prefer lightweight blankets, while others enjoy the added heft of thicker options. Your personal preference for the feeling of weight on your body can guide your choice.