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ABOUT Busy Man Textile

Jiangsu Busy Man Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a company with 12 years of experience in towel production and OEM processing. It is mainly engaged in the production of various towels such as square towels, towels, sports towels, bath towels, and cold towels. As a China OEM Mucilage Printed Cooling Towel Manufacturer and Mucilage Printed Cooling Towel Factory, Busy Man Textile now has a production area of ​​over 9,500 square meters, 2 digital printing towel production lines, and a daily production area of ​​over 15,000 square meters.

Busy Man Textile has served more than 500 brands so far, and its cooperative brands include Disney, One Piece, Procter & Gamble, Swarovski, Volkswagen, etc. It also won the 2017 "Beauty of Made in China" award. The company has established long-term cooperation with well-known Japanese international brands, such as Marubeni Co., Ltd., Maruwa Co., Ltd., Marutaka Co., Ltd., Itochu Co., Ltd., etc. It has strict operating procedures for international brand orders and an ERP system for production management and tracking of processing orders.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, including Japan, the United States, Dubai, Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, etc, our factory has also passed Disney's factory inspection standards and gained global recognition in production.

Our Certificates

The company's core product: cotton digital printed towel. The company has passed Disney, Universal sources, McDonald and ISO9001 quality system certification, is a national high-tech enterprise.

  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • ISO14001 Certificate
  • ISO45001 Certificate
  • Disney Certificate
  • Alibaba Certificate

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Mucilage Printed Cooling Towel Industry knowledge
Why are mucilage printed cooling towels gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts?
Mucilage printed cooling towels have become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts, and this surge in popularity can be attributed to a combination of unique features that resonate with the needs and preferences of individuals engaged in physical activities.
One significant factor contributing to the rise in popularity is the innovative aesthetics offered by mucilage printing. This printing technique allows for intricate and visually appealing patterns, providing fitness enthusiasts with the opportunity to express their style through distinctive and eye-catching designs on their cooling towels.
The personalization and customization options facilitated by mucilage printing are another key aspect driving its popularity. Users can customize their cooling towels with specific colors, patterns, or even personal logos, adding a personalized touch to their workout accessories. This level of personalization resonates with individuals seeking a unique and individualized experience.
Mucilage printed cooling towels manage to seamlessly blend style with functionality. The printing technique does not compromise the cooling properties of the towel, ensuring effective performance during intense workout sessions or outdoor activities. This dual benefit has contributed to the appeal of mucilage printed cooling towels among fitness enthusiasts.
Furthermore, the materials used in mucilage printed cooling towels often prioritize breathability and comfort. The printing process is designed to maintain the towel's breathability, ensuring that users stay comfortable even during vigorous physical activities. This emphasis on comfort adds to the overall positive experience of using these towels.
Durability and longevity are essential considerations for fitness enthusiasts, and mucilage printing contributes to the robustness of cooling towels. The prints are integrated into the fabric, creating a bond that withstands repeated use, washing, and exposure to environmental factors. The assurance of durability has played a crucial role in the growing preference for mucilage printed cooling towels.
Mucilage printing also aligns with current trends in athletic and leisurewear, influencing the fashion choices of fitness enthusiasts. The unique designs made possible by this printing technique reflect the latest fashion trends, making mucilage printed cooling towels a fashionable and sought-after choice.
The attention to detail facilitated by mucilage printing is another factor appreciated by fitness enthusiasts. The ability to incorporate fine details and intricate patterns adds to the aesthetic appeal of the cooling towel, attracting those who value precision in their workout gear.
The versatility of mucilage printed cooling towels is noteworthy, as they are suitable for various fitness activities, from gym workouts to outdoor sports. This adaptability to different exercise environments further enhances their appeal among fitness enthusiasts.
Beyond the tangible benefits, the positive psychological impact of mucilage printed cooling towels should not be underestimated. The visually appealing and personalized nature of these towels can contribute to increased motivation and enjoyment of the exercise routine, enhancing the overall fitness experience.
Lastly, word of mouth and social media influence have played a significant role in the increasing popularity of mucilage printed cooling towels. As fitness enthusiasts share their positive experiences and recommendations, the trend gains momentum, influencing others to explore and embrace these innovative and stylish workout accessories.
The popularity of mucilage printed cooling towels among fitness enthusiasts can be attributed to a combination of factors, including innovative aesthetics, personalization options, enhanced cooling performance, breathability, durability, alignment with fashion trends, attention to detail, versatility, positive psychological impact, and social influence. Together, these elements make mucilage printed cooling towels a favored choice for individuals seeking both style and functionality in their workout accessories.