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Good quality cotton towels start from choosing a good cotton producing area for high-quality cotton yarn

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-20

Towels are an indispensable household item in our lives. Choosing a suitable cotton towel is essential for you who want to improve your home taste. When you wake up by yourself every day, brush your teeth and wash your face. Use a towel, take a bath and wipe sweat with a towel. When choosing towels, you can buy them cheaply and comfortably.

Buying a good towel is not only comfortable to use, improves quality, but also has a good maintenance effect on your own skin. If you refuse black cotton and industrial dyes, choose a safe towel. You can learn from the following points in this article.

Towel material

There are many kinds of cotton used to make towels. The best cotton recognized in the world is called ELS, namely Extra-Long Staple, which includes the following three categories. You may have heard of it more or less, or you Today's towels are made of the following materials.

Sea Island Cotton:

Also known as long-staple cotton, the real island cotton is native to South America, Central America, the Caribbean and the British West Indies. Historically, the British textile industry used it as the main material of noble clothing. It is recognized as the most luxurious and rare variety. It has the reputation of diamonds in cotton. It is the top towel material. Towels made of this raw material are relatively rare in China because of gold. It's expensive,

Egyptian cotton:

If sea island cotton is called the diamond among cotton, then Egyptian cotton is platinum. Egyptian cotton is native to the South Asian subcontinent, and it is hot and rainy. Tropical grasslands, temperate and tropical monsoon regions are most suitable for its growth. It has a long-standing reputation in history, with good dyeing effect, durability and strength. Egyptian cotton has always been among the best in terms of various physical indicators of cotton. I once bought Egyptian cotton towels, which are indeed durable and still used today. There are no problems such as fluffing.

Pima Cotton (United States/Peru)

Pima cotton is the collective name for the premium extra-long-staple cotton (ELS), which is mainly produced in parts of the United States and Peru (Egypt, Israel, Australia and China also). Pima cotton is characterized by its toughness 45% stronger than ordinary cotton. The lint size is longer. After treatment and dyeing, it is naturally soft, feels smooth, and has a strong drape. The woven fabric is full of toughness, and the finished product is better. The drape effect.

Place of Origin:

If you want to buy handmade towels, you must choose a venue. The world's top towels and bath towels are generally produced in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Turkey, India and other countries. The United Kingdom and Portugal, which have the old knowledge of the industrial revolution and handcraft skills, are the first choice. Its representatives The top level of the world's textile industry, Turkey and India have the inherent advantages of the earliest cotton cultivation and birthplace.

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