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you need to wash your towels more often than you think. here\'s why.

by:Busyman Towels     2020-03-05
Your dishes sparkled after you dried them ---
Or it\'s just E. coli?
We have been looking for ways to keep our homes alive.
For free, we landed on a particularly nasty ship: towels.
For example, if you dry the silverware with a kitchen towel, you will most likely dry it with bacteria.
A 2014 study by the University of Arizona found that 89% of kitchen rags carry coliform bacteria present in the digestive tract of animals and humans for measuring water pollution (
To be fair, not all of this is dangerous). Twenty-
E. 5 % positivecoli. Gross, right?
We went deep into the details of towel cleaning: How often should you wash all kinds of towels used every day?
It turns out that you should wash all your towels more often than you think.
For bath towels, the experts we interviewed suggested cleaning after about three times of use to remove millions (
Yes, tens of millions)
Avoid the moldy smell.
The kitchen rag is best to soak diluted bleach between two uses (who knew? )
According to reproductive experts at the University of Arizona.
A dermatologist said that if you do not want to re-introduce bacteria into pores, towels should be replaced after each use.
This is an expert.
Review Guide to keep towels fresh, fluffy and dirty-free.
Kitchen towels are hands as mentioned earlier
The most worried towel in your family.
\"You may think you are cleaning up the counter where food is placed,\" said Kelly Reynolds, a researcher at the University of Arizona\'s zukeman School of Public Health.
\"But if you\'re using a dirty kitchen rag, you could actually introduce thousands of bacteria. \"The answer?
Ideally, you should clean the kitchen towels after each use, says Reynolds. A next-
The best option, though, is to dip the towels in a diluted bleach solution during use and let them dry.
Reynolds recommends filling your sink with water and a little bleach-
Two teaspoons of water per gallon sink will work, extending your time to use a towel between washing.
Wash at least once a week in your washing machine (
In an antibacterial or disinfection cycle if possible).
The moldy bath towel is not what you think. -
Because the bath towel is extra.
Thick, they lock in moisture and Port smell faster. The answer?
Laundry expert Mary Marlow leweit says that when you wash them, replace the fabric softener with vinegar.
\"The residue of fabric softener captures the smell,\" she explains . \".
\"Vinegar removed it. \" (
Generally speaking, skipping the softener can also maintain the water absorption capacity of most towels).
Leverette advises you to use bath towels in the washing machine as usual, but there is no soap and there is only one cup of vinegar.
Then, wash again with normal detergent.
Mary gaglidi-
Also known as Dr. Clorox.
Laundry specialist--
If you have this option for your washing machine, let them \"rinse twice \".
Dry immediately to prevent mildew.
You may be used to using bath towels for a few weeks between washing (
Not us. well, do that)
But the experts we interviewed suggested cleaning every three times.
If you are sick, it is important to disinfect the towel with chlorine bleach (
If it\'s white
Or Lysol and other disinfectants containing phenol (
If the towel is not white)
Said Levitt.
The problem with towels and towels is--you guessed it! --bacteria.
\"There is a way for dirt and bacteria to get caught on a towel,\" said Dr.
Eric Schweig of Schweig dermatology, New York
\"When you wash your face with a dirty towel or dry your face, you re-introduce dirt and bacteria into your skin. \"The answer?
The experts we talked to were very strict with this: towels and laundry should be cleaned after each use.
While this is the ideal frequency for you to wash your face and wash your clothes, this is actually how much you use.
Schweiger said that if you just pat your face dry with a towel, it is OK to use it several times between the two washes.
But if you need makeup removed
Money laundering is necessary.
He recommended an ordinary, hot one.
Wash cycle using fragrance
Avoid free cleaning agents that stimulate your skin.
So does that mean you need to throw away all your towels since the first apartment from scratch? Not exactly.
The experts we interviewed said that you can actually keep the same towels forever. Dr.
Laundry point out, a good
Good quality towels for five to ten years-
As long as it is clean, it can finish its work until it becomes shabby.
Or as Leverette says, \"there\'s no harm in using clean, old towels!
\"This is a message we like to hear.
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