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You can see how wonderful customer service life is under the epidemic

You can see how wonderful customer service life is under the epidemic


But the fact is not as pleasant as expected. Working nine to five suddenly becomes a 7 * 24-hour work. The key is that I can't see a living person all day. I'm dead.

This is my customized diary. Welcome to the fun.

#Exposure triangle#

The impulse to pick up the camera for the first time

March 2. The first guest, a middle-aged man. He said that after playing photography for so many years, he had long forgotten the sunshine 16 rule and the exposure triangle. The only thing he couldn't forget was the fool who recited the formula. Therefore, this pattern is specially customized. I hope that every time I take out the lens, I can recall the impulse when I picked up the camera for the first time.

For those of us who started with the P file of digital camera, these formulas seem to be a little far away from us.

Think about the impulse to seriously pick up the camera for the first time. Maybe I just want to make my girlfriend look better. After all, life is important.

#Is this a collector's hobby#

Everything must be complete

March 3rd. Today's order is a hundred stickers that are exactly the same as the wallpaper background picture customized by the guests for their ipadpro. It's really natural. I thought it was an official product. The complete set of things can make people with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel very comfortable.

But... What if you want to change the wallpaper? Based on many years of customer service experience, I judge that this is a high-quality long-term customer, which needs to be maintained quickly.

#Straight men should be careful when giving gifts#

It's not good to send people away directly

March 6. An infatuated boy came and wanted to send the picture of the goddess to people on a hundred stickers. The girl in the picture is really beautiful, pure and lovely. She should be the dream lover of many boys.

But I strongly advised him not to do so! Because according to my experience, the most beautiful face can't stand printing on soft materials, no matter what you use to wrap

Will be very scary!


I can't persuade the boy with all my strength. I can only wish him good luck

#Inertial thinking#

Don't tease the old mage anymore

March 8. Today, an old film friend in his 60s came and thought he would send his own customized lotus map (sorry, it's my habitual thinking, I reflect.)

Unexpectedly, I customized a batch of antique pattern hundred stickers for my collection of teapots. Both protection and elegance, excellent taste.

Every time I come into contact with new customers, the first impression will always label them with their own cognition. The more people you can reach, the more labels you tear off yourself. Now think about it, when customer service can meet so many people and things every day, their own knowledge has become more.

#Talented little painter#

Value and price

March 11. A lovely treasure mother made a hundred stickers with her son's watercolor painting to accommodate his beloved colored lead. Every painting has a sense of ceremony. Later I heard that my son became the focus of the whole class in art class.

Originally thought that this mother could customize such an expensive hundred stickers, and this set of pens should also be expensive. Results check on the Internet: 36 colors only cost 25.5 yuan

I suddenly seemed to understand that it was not to protect the pen, but to protect the enthusiasm of children.

I'm shallow again. The value of many things is far beyond the price.

#Film player#

Can't escape the true fragrance law

March 12. It's rare to meet a customer who is still playing film. He said he had never entered any advanced camera. A seagull found on the Internet accompanied him all over the world.

Now that the camera is going to retire, I decided to make a hundred stickers with a picture taken by "she" and collect it well.

Oh, what a romance!

I'm particularly moved. After using old objects for a long time, they will really have special feelings. Curiously asked: what camera will seagull use to continue its journey after retirement?

He: Leica

Me: Excuse me

#Doctor's benevolence#

A gentle man must have his indifference

March 16. There is a mysterious customer who doesn't have much verbal communication. Send an illustration directly. Once the size is determined, it will be offline. Fast and ruthless, and a little indifferent. On the contrary, it made me have a strong interest in him.

So I checked these three sentences in the chart.

I may have met a scum man#

Jealousy made me lose my mind

On March 17, the young man who customized the goddess head on the hundred stickers came again. But I suspect he's a scum man. Look at this photo. The composition is really much better and the printing is super fine, but

I don't feel like the same girl as last time!

Oh, no... it seems that it's just different makeup. Jealousy makes me lose my mind. It seems that I have to reflect again

#Whirling red dust and bitter, cherry blossoms bloom#

March 22. As the saying goes, how beautiful cherry blossoms are, how bad cherry food is. Recently, whether coffee, milk tea or small snacks have been listed with season restrictions.

Baitie cloth is also connected to several orders with cherry blossom patterns.

I thought there was a love word written in the corner. After checking, I found out that it was Kobayashi Yicha's haiku. Whirling red dust and bitter, cherry blossoms bloom themselves.

I don't know what story is hidden behind this line of words?

There are many, many stories. Although most of them are not wonderful, each customization contains an expectation and their own story.

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