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With towels, do you need bath towels at home?

With towels, do you need bath towels at home?


Whether in hot summer or cold winter, after a busy day, it's really a happier thing to take a comfortable hot bath at home.

After taking a bath, do you use a towel or a bath towel? Today, I'm here to discuss with you. With towels, do you still need bath towels at home? As far as Xiaobian is concerned, if he has a towel at home, there is no need to spend money to buy an unusable bath towel; However, when discussing this topic with my girlfriends, I found that in addition to towels, it is also necessary to have a bath towel;

Towel wipe the body, simple and fast; However, it is inevitable that there is an illusion that it is to complete the task and can not really relax; If there is a bath towel, put on the bath towel directly after taking a bath, leave the wet bathroom, and close the curtains. You don't have to worry about anything. You can wear no clothes. It's super convenient.

Bath towel, sometimes, is not only useful when bathing; It can be used as pajamas, which is warm and convenient; It can also be used as a leisure blanket. Watching TV or taking a nap on the sofa at noon can be used as a blanket cover with just the right thickness;

It can also be used as a baby's quilt. The baby's special quilt and blanket are usually more expensive. The adult's quilt is too large and heavy. The bath towel is used as the baby's quilt, which is of appropriate size and will not be too heavy. Most importantly, it is wrapped on the baby and is not easy to be kicked off. Even in winter, you can wrap a bath towel on your baby and cover it with a quilt.

Seeing here, do you think it's time to buy a nice bath towel? How to choose a qualified bath towel? Most kinds of bath towels retain water between yarn and yarn, while cotton bath towels absorb water directly into the fiber, making the cotton bath towel have better water absorption. Therefore, when purchasing bath towels, you should choose to buy Bath Towels with cotton fiber; Do you think cotton is just that good? No, there are more benefits; For example, the bath towel made of cotton will be softer and more comfortable to use; It is better to use than bamboo fiber because it does not emit light;

When choosing a bath towel, make sure that the quality of the bath towel is good, that is, the coil is thick and tightly woven to obtain the maximum water absorption. The thicker the coil of the bath towel is, it is composed of more yarn. Naturally, it can absorb water from the body faster. Of course, it's very intuitive to look at the weight of towels. Now the weight of ordinary towels on the market is 90-100g. If you can buy something heavier than this, it will absorb water faster and more comfortable.

When it comes to selection, it's essential to talk about how to prolong the service life of bath towels; To keep the towel soft, use half the recommended amount of detergent. Don't pour the washing liquid directly on the bath towel. This may cause the detergent to remain on the bath towel and reduce its softness. It is recommended to use neutral detergent and do not rashly use chlorine containing detergent with bleaching characteristics. Do not wash the towel blindly when washing the product and towel;

When you use up the bath towel, you should dry it in the bathroom. Because the bathroom itself is not ventilated, it is not good for the towel, and the bathroom is a place where bacteria breed, so you should choose a ventilated and sunny place when drying the bath towel;

There are towels at home, which can be used in a busy life; However, if you want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed life, a soft and thick bath towel is essential; Busyman cotton thickened absorbent bath towel is your best choice.

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