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Why towels?

Why towels?


Since postpartum mothers and newborn babies are vulnerable to external infection, and postpartum mothers will have more excreta on their bodies, expectant mothers should prepare clean new towels for different purposes before delivery.

A few towels will fit

After giving birth, both weak mothers and newborn babies are vulnerable to external infections. In order to better meet the arrival of the baby, it is recommended that expectant mothers prepare eight towels and two large bath towels.

Because postpartum mother body will have lochia discharge, and the body will accumulate excess water during pregnancy out of the body, so it is recommended that expectant mothers should give themselves at least five towels, including three large towels, two small towels.

In the large towel, one is used to wipe the face, one is used to wipe the body, and one is used to wipe the lower body to avoid infection. Two small towels are used to warm your breasts and help relieve the discomfort of breast swelling.

Expectant mothers should prepare at least three small towels for their babies, respectively for wiping the body, small PP, small mouth.

In addition, two large bath towels should also be prepared, used to dry the baby after the bath and wrap the baby, but also as the baby's quilt, to avoid the baby catching cold.

Which brand of towel is better

Strong water absorption, soft material, good cotton, do not need the most brand. Children's skin is tender, when we buy children's towels for children, it is best to choose pure cotton material, antibacterial and good water absorption, soft feel, fluffy and elastic, special attention should be paid to the choice of no odor. Expectant mothers can judge the quality of towels from the following points. It is to see the water absorption of towel. The towel with good water absorption is to go up casually with water droplets, water can immediately seep into the towel inside, without a slippage with diffusion. The second is to see whether the towel fades.

BusyMan towel

User experience: the color is very tender, water absorption is very strong, feel a little thin, quite big. The color is very dewy, also do not fade, do not lose hair.

User experience: towel color is very positive, after entering the water did not lose hair, fade, the weight is really very heavy, very thick, after entering the water is very heavy, water absorption function is very good, softness is general, the words used at home is really beyond imagination thick, comprehensive praise, good.

How to choose the right towel

In order to buy qualified towels, expectant mothers should do the following in the purchase process.

1. we should try to choose the products of regular manufacturers in professional children's online shopping malls and large shopping malls.

2. it is to judge the quality of towel according to identification, qualified towel product should be standardized identification, and indicate manufacturer, producing area, telephone, trademark, executive standard, catharsis means.

3. judge by the feel of the towel. High quality towels are soft, fluffy and elastic. Four is to judge through the appearance of towel. A good towel is bright in color, clear in design, uniform in circle and neat in seam.

Where can I buy proper towels

Numerous shopping websites can generally find a variety of towels, but the best sales, good reputation shop to buy; In addition, many physical stores and maternal and child physical stores also have various towels to sell; If you are more fastidized, you can buy it by overseas shopping or overseas shopping channels, and the quality may be better; Finally, if you go to Hong Kong, Macao or the place of origin can also be purchased.

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