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Why do people choose towelling quilt now?

Why do people choose towelling quilt now?


Summer cool quilt is also called air conditioner quilt, if you like to sleep with the air conditioner on at night, summer cool quilt is the best choice, but do you know what is the filler of summer cool quilt? May be a lot of people do not know it, or think it is cotton, general summer cool is filled with polyester fiber, why is summer cool filled with polyester fiber and not filled with cotton? Because summer is easy to sweat, summer is often washed, if it is filled with cotton, cotton washed several times can not be used.

Polyester fiber filled with water will not unite, but some people will ask that the summer cool is filled with polyester fiber is not good? Since there are advantages that there will certainly be disadvantages, polyester fiber is easy to produce static electricity, water absorption is very poor, hot summer weather easy to sweat, resulting in quilt stick on the body, comfort discount.

The advantages of BUSYMAN towel are very prominent, thin, breathable, good water absorption performance, easy to wring dry, safe without stimulation, simple cleaning, due to the above points, BUSYMAN towel is easy to sweat in the summer is not easy to produce bacteria, the use of more secure, and its texture is delicate, soft, very comfortable.

BUSYMAN towel quilt features

1.Moisture absorption: BUSYMAN towel is made of pure cotton material with good moisture absorption, soft and not stiff contact skin, so that the baby's skin is not hurt.

2.Air permeability: BUSYMAN towel has good moisture function, so gauze towel is more breathable, strong water absorption, soft feel.

3.Antibacterial and mite removing: BUSYMAN towel is easy to clean, quickly dry, effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria, close to the skin, no irritation, no odor, use more healthy.

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