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Why are cotton digital printed towels so expensive?

Why are cotton digital printed towels so expensive?


I believe that most of us were attracted by the beautiful and clear patterns of cotton digital printed towels at the beginning. What is more memorable now is that digital printing can be customized according to the needs of consumers, or a specific shape can be customized. The following is the towel produced by our high speed cotton digital printing machine imported from Jiangsu.

But there is still a perception that cotton digital printed towels are a bit expensive. Price is the external embodiment of value, and the value of cotton digital printed towel lies in the following points:

One: composition. Cotton towels themselves are more expensive than ordinary towels, mainly reflected in their composition of 100% cotton, and general towels in addition to cotton and most of the other fiber composition. Cotton towels have the advantage of being absorbent, clean, soft and comfortable for the human body.

Two: cost. It is said that the cost of cotton digital printed towel will be lower than the traditional printing, but when we buy it, it is not cheap? Traditional towel printing requires plate making before printing, and plate making is very high cost. Of course, as a large number of products, the average cost of each towel has decreased a lot. However, the drawback of this printing is that the process is complex and difficult to be flexible. Every time you change the pattern, you have to make a new plate. If the traditional printing is produced in small batches, the cost is not the least bit more expensive than the current digital printed towel.

While we are not a lazy person digital printing cotton towel line, digital printing, just need to design size and other information into the computer, do not need to plate making, so with the traditional printed the same within a certain mass, less cost, and design and color is more clear and bright, because the traditional printing plate will wear in the continuous production. Of course, it has a lot to do with our fully imported digital printing machine and the advanced technology of digital printing towel industry.

Three: customization. The most popular thing about digital printed towels is that they can be customized according to our own requirements, no matter the pattern, size or shape, which is why they are a little more expensive, but the low starting print and high speed are also the advantages of digital printing. Traditional printing features can reduce costs in large quantities, but it is not eight pieces of ten to give us to print, otherwise the cost can be difficult to control, which is why cotton digital printed towels have a great production and development market.

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