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Which towel is better for oily skin?

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-13

Oily skin will leave grease after washing your face or taking a bath. Bacteria is easy to breed, and some bacteria secrete sticky secretions. So in summer, keep the towel dry and clean. You can disinfect with hot water and use Dettol. It is also possible to soak the towels with a kind of disinfectant. The used towels should be washed and dried in a ventilated place. Do not make the towels into a ball. This can prevent the growth of bacteria. Or directly dry the cleaned towels When the sun is low, it will have a natural sterilization effect and will leave the smell of sunlight on the towel!

Bamboo fiber towel series products, beauty facial towels are oil-free and non-sticky, especially for oily skin. Several bamboo fiber beauty towels are designed.

The following are some of the advantages of bamboo fiber beauty towels:

First: It has strong water absorption and degreasing ability. Ordinary towels are more difficult to clean with detergent after they encounter oil stains, while bamboo fiber towels only need to be rinsed with water or gently with your hands. The oily layer will be separated from the towel immediately, and the towel will be bright and clean immediately after washing.

Second: It has super antibacterial and antibacterial ability. Ordinary towels will turn yellow, slippery, greasy, hard, and change odor after a long time. This is mainly because a large number of bacteria are produced on the towel, and it is easy to cause skin diseases when used for a long time. The bamboo fiber towel removes the sugar and fat needed for the growth of bacteria during processing, so there will be no bacteria produced after long-term use, and it has super decontamination, antibacterial and antibacterial functions. The towel is soft to the touch and will not harden or clump for a long time. It is a truly natural, green and healthy product.

Third: Remove peculiar smell, self-cleaning and self-cleaning. Generally, towels are used to wipe sweat stains. A few days after staining, they will produce a kind of peculiar smell and musty smell. The bamboo fiber towel will not smell bad whether it is dry or wet. Therefore, the product can be used in the washing and cleaning of households, beauty, bath centers, enterprises, hotels, guesthouses, and kindergartens. Natural antibacterial, save you effort and worry. Relieve oily skin from the troubles of mites.

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