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Which kind of good hairdressing towel to use?

Which kind of good hairdressing towel to use?


Towels as one of the commonly used items in beauty shops and hair salons, many bosses have ignored the importance of towels. So what kind of good beauty salon towel to use? Qingdao puwan home small make up to tell you what kind of towel is beauty salon towel, and how to choose?

The typical characteristic of beauty towel is strong water absorption, and also has easy washing, no fading, no shedding, long service life, and comfortable use. Customers should not be allergic or uncomfortable after using.

Many beauty salon owners want to spend less money on sturdy, easy-to-take care of towels. So there will be a lot of towel wholesale vendors, seized the consumer's psychology, resell some second-hand refurbished towels and inferior towels.

Here to remind the bosses, do not in order to cobble cheap, go to buy wholesale goods, many stall towels are three no products, will cause serious hidden dangers to customer health.

So what kind of beauty towel is good?

Towel material is very important, most beauty salons will choose pure cotton material. But xiaobian recommends a more suitable towel material for you, that is, the towel made of brocade wood fiber. Softer than cotton towels, more absorbent, and no shedding, no fading, no allergies.

Measuring the stand or fall of beauty salon towel, there is an important factor: towel weight per square meter, not only the total weight of the towel, the higher the weight per square meter, the better the quality of the towel.

And Qingdao puwan household for different uses, there are different specifications of towels, can also be printed on the towel beauty salon logo, towels will appear more classy.

Repeatedly appeal to the owners, remember not to covet cheap, one or two yuan beauty salon towel can not be used! Harm the interests of customers, that is to harm their own interests. Must choose regular brand towel manufacturer.

Jiangsu Busyman is a rare brand towel manufacturers with production and processing capacity, Jiangsu Busyman always adhere to only do: no fluorescent agent, no carcinogenic aromatic amine, formaldehyde free health towel. Protect the health of every consumer. If you want to customize the beauty towel, welcome to consult.

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