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Where are the advantages of cotton digital printed towel?

Where are the advantages of cotton digital printed towel?


Where are the advantages of cotton digital printed towel production? Should the digital printing process be controlled fast or slow? Compared with traditional printing, what characteristics should digital printing equipment have?

Contrast of traditional and cotton digital towel printing

1.Traditional printing:

Long production cycle, cumbersome process: traditional proofing time is long, the fastest to a week;

Difficult to modify, lack of change: once the sample design draft is determined, to modify the design draft is a time-consuming and laborious project; Product printing and dyeing are limited by color and flower cycle;

2.Production patterns are difficult to ensure consistency: the traditional printing plate will wear in production, affecting the consistency of printing quality;

High pollution and high emission: excessive discharge of solvents and waste liquids;

3.Cotton digital printing towel printing:

Quick proofing response time: digital printing proofing can be given within 3 days.

Good proofing effect: digital printing proofing is difficult to achieve the ideal proofing effect of traditional printing.

4.Variety, rich color: take not lazy digital printing towel as an example, the production machinery is using 8-color digital printing inkjet equipment, theoretically can match a variety of color, can complete color gradient and other high-quality, high-precision patterns.

Keep the consistency of pattern color: the computer keeps the color data of pattern to achieve the consistency of pattern color in the process of mass production.

No pollution, no waste liquid discharge;

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