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What is beauty towel folding method?

What is beauty towel folding method?


Towels, though unobtrusive, are also a publicity window for beauty salons. Beautiful folding flowers can bring customers full of surprise! As you can see, this green patterned towel is perfect for spring. Safflower green leaves, spiral style, the overall shape like a budding sea flower. Tubular is the simplest towel folding pattern. Although the shape is not complex, but looks simple and beautiful, easy to place. How to fold: Prepare a towel and fold it flat in half, then roll the pores into tube columns using sushi rolls.

The first step is to lay the prepared towel flat and fold it in half. Step 2 Take the left and right corners of the towel and tie a tight knot. Step 3 Open two unknotted corners. Step 4: Cross the left and right corners without tying them. Step 5: Follow the previous step and pull out the two unknotted corners. Step 6: Turn the towel over and adjust it a little to see the beautiful roses.

The Swan pattern is to spread the towel evenly on the table, fold the left and right top corners in half toward the center, creating a pointed triangle, and fold the towel along the left and right hypotenuse simultaneously toward the center line. Until it's folded between two fingers to leave a gap. Fold the tip of the towel into an S shape and spread the towel to press the Angle of the swan's bow.

Choose a towel that feels comfortable and soft. When choosing a towel at a beauty salon, we have to look at how we feel and how we use it. The towel needs to be fluffy, soft and flexible enough to be placed on the customer's face, so that the customer feels the towel is very docile and comfortable. Choose a towel in a simple color. Different from household towel, the towel color of beauty salon should not be too bright-coloured, design too much should not be chosen. Simple white, brown and brown will do. Have qualified scores. Choose the towel that normal manufacturer produces, do not buy the towel of inferior quality in large quantities because of saving cost. Because towels are skin-to-skin products, materials and quality are very important.

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