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What are the advantages of bamboo fiber towel?

What are the advantages of bamboo fiber towel?


1.Soft and comfortable, better than silk

Bamboo fiber towel has fine unit fineness, soft feel, good whiteness, bright luster, strong toughness and wear resistance, and unique resilience. With strong longitudinal and transverse strength, and stable uniform, good draping; Soft and smooth without binding, softer than cotton, with a unique sense of velvet. Suction wet air, warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. hygroscopic release of strong

Bamboo fiber towel has good moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability. Warm in winter and cool in summer are determined by the hollow characteristics of bamboo fiber. Summer and autumn use, make people feel special cool, breathable; The use of fluffy and comfortable in winter and spring can eliminate the excess heat and sweat in the body, not to get angry, not dry.

3. antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect is obvious, high bactericidal rate

Scientists have discovered that bamboo has a unique substance, called "bamboo kun", which has natural resistance

Special function of bacteria and deodorant. Bamboo fiber towels still have good antibacterial properties even after 100 washings. By the experiment

Proved that the bacteria in bamboo fiber fabric by 24 hours to be killed about 95%.

4.Bamboo fiber is a green material extracted from the original bamboo. It is processed by cooking and other physical methods

It has the natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect and negative ion characteristics of bamboo. Detected by Shanghai Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

It is proved that the bamboo fiber fabric has almost zero transmittance to 200-400nm ultraviolet radiation, and this wavelength of ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body the greatest harm.

5. from natural, fashion health care

The Compendium of Materia Medica contains 24 descriptions of different medicinal functions and prescriptions of bamboo, and there are nearly a thousand kinds of bamboo medicines in the folk society

Party. Modern medicine believes: "bamboo element" in the antioxidant compound can effectively remove free radicals and ester peroxidation in the body

And can block the strong carcinogen N- nitrite ammonia compound, not only can significantly improve the body's immune ability, but also has

Moisturizing skin and anti - fatigue, anti - aging biological effect.

6.easy to clean:

Bamboo fiber has been thoroughly degreased, desweetened and deproteinized to prevent stains from remaining on the bamboo fiber products, so it is very easy to clean the bamboo fiber towel.

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