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We Should Have No Problem Calling Digital Printing The New Revolution Of Printing

We Should Have No Problem Calling Digital Printing The New Revolution Of Printing


Looking at the history, it is not difficult for us to find that in fact, every industrial revolution in the world will bring great progress and development to the whole world, of course, wealth will also come along with it. In every revolution, the pioneers who were able to use these technologies first made a fortune.


The First Industrial Revolution refers to the technological revolution initiated from the United Kingdom in the 1760s. It is a huge revolution in the history of technological development. It created an era in which manual labor was replaced by machines. Call it not just a technological change, but a profound social change.

The first industrial revolution began with the use of steam engines as power engines. This revolution allowed the factory system to replace manufacturing, and machines to replace manual labor. In terms of social relations, the industrial revolution made the yeomen peasant class, which was attached to the backward mode of production, disappear, and the industrial bourgeoisie and industrial proletariat came into being and grew.

Of course, this revolution also greatly strengthened the connection between different parts of the world, changed the face of the world, and finally established the dominance of the bourgeoisie over the world. Britain, which took the lead in completing the industrial revolution, soon became the world hegemon at that time.

The second industrial revolution refers to the completion of the bourgeois revolution or reform in European countries, the United States and Japan in the mid-19th century, which promoted the development of the economy. In the late 1860s, the second industrial revolution began. Mankind is also from the "steam age" directly into the "electric age".

After the Second Industrial Revolution began, it greatly promoted the development of social productivity and had a profound impact on many industries in the world.

The second industrial revolution also made the development of capitalist countries unbalanced in economy, culture, politics, military and other aspects, and the imperialists' struggle for market economy and world hegemony became more intense. The countries that took the lead in development also became a world-class power.

Actually called the revolution of science and technology is more suitable for the third time, this time to atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and the invention and application of biological engineering as the main mark, involving information technology, new energy, new materials technology, biotechnology, space technology and an information control in the field of Marine technology and so on many technological revolution.

This revolution not only greatly promoted changes in the economic, political and cultural fields of human society, but also affected people's way of life and way of thinking. With the continuous progress of science and technology, every aspect of People's Daily life, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and use, has also undergone major changes.

The fourth industrial revolution is also more appropriately called the technological revolution, which is based on graphene, gene, virtual reality, quantum information technology, controlled nuclear fusion, clean energy and biotechnology.

To the characteristics of the resources is to improve productivity, reduce pollution emissions, lifestyle changes, as now the scrutiny of environmental protection in recent years, the traditional printing factory is a weakness, and factory is shut down a lot, and digital printing is in such an environment for the development of more and more rapidly, and because digital printing custom ability, The change of consumers' consumption concept also makes the customized digital printing products favored by more consumers.

Compared with traditional printing, digital printing is more resource-saving, more intelligent and more adaptable to the development of modern society. In the printing industry, it is called the new revolution of printing, which is completely appropriate.

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