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Towels cannot be put in the bathroom. Do you know this little common sense? The consequences are so serious!

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-16

Almost everyone puts the towels in the bathroom because it is convenient. But you may not know that putting towels in the bathroom actually does more harm than good. Since I knew this point of knowledge, my family’s towels have never been left in the bathroom.

According to scientific investigations, if you use a microscope to observe the small water droplets splashed when flushing the toilet, you will find that they can splash several meters high; that is to say, the towels hanging in the bathroom may be damaged. . The towel you wash your face may be stained with....

Hanging towels in the bathroom has two major disadvantages

Long-term humidity, prone to bacteria

The vast majority of towels are pure cotton, because pure cotton has a very good moisture absorption capacity, if the bathroom is damp, the towel will absorb all the moisture inside. However, because the water temperature is high when taking a bath, the temperature and humidity inside the towel can easily breed bacteria.

Lack of drying, deterioration and rot

I have met a little friend who said that after using the towel in my home for a while, I found a big hole on it, and it broke when it was pulled elsewhere. Is it a quality problem? This is your bad habit of using towels and the lack of towels to dry in the sun.

Pure cotton is alkali-resistant and not acid-resistant. After the towel absorbs moisture, bacteria will grow in it and acidic substances will be produced at the same time, so the towel will naturally rot.

Excessive bacteria in towels will directly affect our skin health, so towels are no less important than a bottle of good cosmetics. Master a good method:

Regular steaming, health and beauty

Generally, the best time to use towels is three months; then, within these three months, Longli recommends that you put the towels in water every week or half a month, add some salt and cook them. It is not for you to eat, but adding salt and boiling can have the effect of sterilizing, removing dirt and restoring softness.

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