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Towels cannot be put in the bathroom. Do you know this little common sense?

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-17

Towels cannot be placed in the bathroom. Do you know this little common sense?

In addition to washbasins, toilets, and bathtubs, there are many miscellaneous things in the bathroom. But did you make it? Some things are very, very dirty if they are kept wet in the bathroom every day. In fact, apart from towels that cannot be placed in the bathroom, there are many things that cannot be placed in the bathroom. Paper towels, towels, and toothbrushes are best not to be kept in the bathroom.

First: the erosion of towels by bacteria

Not only that, the bathroom is also a place where there are more bacteria, and after use, the hooks are more prone to holes than those placed on the hook, but there will be a lot of bacteria in the flat, which is not suitable for drying, and it is more troublesome.

Second: Tearing of Anxiety

To go to the bathroom is hurried. According to a foreign experimental data, people will tear their towels when they are anxious, so the towels in the bathroom will be torn many times because of the geographical advantage. It also shows that the towels in the bathroom are more prone to holes than the towels in ordinary places.

Third: Multifunctional use of towels (not dedicated to special towels)

Towels in the bathroom at home will be used more due to the nature of the bathroom function. For example, wash your hands after going to the bathroom, wash your hands after eating, wash your hands before eating, wash your face in the morning and evening, remove makeup, wash your face, wash your face and wipe your hair after taking a shower, wipe your child's mouth, etc. Wait

Conclusion 4: Improper use of detergent

Some detergents have different levels of acidity and alkalinity, which will cause different degrees of damage to the towels. Some towels require neutral detergents and so on.

Therefore, the best solution is to put towels in a ventilated place or balcony after use to keep them dry and reduce the growth of bacteria. Never put towels in the bathroom, but the bathroom is damp and airtight, and mold is easy to grow on the towel. Once it is used to wipe the body, it is easy for women to cause infection problems.

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