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Towels are very particular

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-16

The purpose of our use of towels is for health and hygiene, and if the towel is not used properly, it is precisely the most unsanitary thing. The human body, especially the face, will produce a lot of secretions. After scrubbing with a towel, these harmful substances adhere to the fiber of the towel. Not only will it have a bad effect on the skin, it is also a sensitive source of diseases, especially High temperature season in spring and summer. The following points should be paid more attention to when using towels:

1. Don’t mix towels for the whole family. Everyone in the family should have their own towels.

2. The towels for washing your face, bathing, wiping your hands, or washing other parts should be distinguished, and you cannot wash your feet with one towel.

3. If a guest needs to use a towel when visiting, a new towel should be prepared separately. After the guest leaves, it should be disinfected or used for other purposes.

4. When you go out to stay in hotels, it is best to bring your own towels, because disinfection equipment is difficult to completely remove bacteria on the towels.

Towels are a major issue that everyone cares about, because it is related to each of us's daily life and physical health.

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