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Towels are obtained at home. How do I use suitable towels?

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-15

Hi everyone! As more and more families use disposable cotton soft towels to clean their faces, everyone seems to be less dependent on this towel. Since wiping the face is not very useful, it is usually used for wiping hands or Wiped the body after taking a bath.

However, for many friends, even if they use less, they must be used at home, because in comparison, it seems that large towels are more absorbent. After all, towels are mostly pure cotton, which is more absorbent. , But cotton soft towels rarely use pure cotton, and the water absorption effect is somewhat slow.

In fact, the reason why people choose cotton soft towels is because they are worried about the bacteria in the towels and they will become hard after a long time. They are not as soft and clean as disposable cotton soft towels. In fact, after the towels are used correctly, there is no need to worry about their hygiene problems.

Under what circumstances will towels behave this way, mainly when they are not cleaned properly, or when they are in a damp environment for a long time. Whether it is clothes or quilts, many of them are made of pure cotton and are not disposable items. The reason why no one is worried about their hygiene is because the towel is damp for a long time, so bacteria can grow, and the clothes are mostly dry. .

So if you want to use towels cleanly, you need to do the following. For example, the first point is that it cannot be placed in a too humid environment, such as the bathroom in the kitchen. These locations are not recommended. It can be placed on the balcony or in the aisle with better ventilation. As long as it is a dry environment, it will reduce a lot of bacteria.

Also, we must do frequent cleaning. Everyone can basically change clothes a day and then wash them once a day. Although you don’t have to say that you have to wash the towels only once a day, you can also do it once every two or three days. Use a little disinfectant when cleaning, and fully dry after cleaning.

If there is some hardness due to the use of time for a long time, it can be boiled in water, of course, it can also be soaked in vinegar for a period of time to restore its original softness.

Towels also need to be replaced regularly. After all, the aging of this fabric is inevitable, especially this kind of pure cotton products. With the use of drying and friction, it is easy to shed hair. At this time, the towel can be replaced. , The old towel can be used to wipe the floor and shoes, and it can be used in other places for a long time.

The editor believes that, in fact, the most important thing to pay attention to when using towels is probably the hygiene problem, but this problem can also be solved. Before washing clothes, you can remember to wash the towels with water and dry them. This is not complicated and Very effective.

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