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Towel manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of towels

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-16

Towel manufacturers teach you how to identify the quality of towels

We often use towels in our lives. People who are very concerned about hygiene sometimes need to change them every half a month, so a lot of towels are needed. Whether it is single-piece purchase or towel wholesale, quality issues are very important. But how do we judge whether the quality is good or bad? The following points are the opinions of experts.

First of all, we can measure it by its weight. Under normal circumstances, the heavier the weight of the towel, the better the quality, because heavier quality means that the material used is sufficient and the cost is high. The first weight problem can be judged by the feel. Too light and fluttering is easy to be nylon and the like. Long-term use will damage the skin. This kind of too light is not recommended. Of course, some people think that towels are too heavy and not convenient to use. These are all things to follow. First of all, the quality judgment Is such that.

Secondly, look at the material composition of the towel. At present, the towels produced by the towel factory mainly consist of several materials, polyester cotton, bamboo fiber, wood fiber and pure cotton. These kinds of materials are not far apart in cost prices, but due to the different manufacturing processes, there is still a distance in the selling price. Among the four types, the quality of polyester cotton is relatively poor, because its water absorption is not very good, and it will become hard and yellow after a longer time. Of course, due to quality problems, its price is relatively cheap. Yes, there is no problem with household purchases for basic hygiene. It is made of pure cotton, with good water absorption, good hand feeling, soft, but it is not prohibited, and it is easy to rot. It is generally used for washing and bathing. As for bamboo fiber, the cost and price are much more expensive than the previous two. It is more common for beauty salons to use a lot, or for washing in the kitchen.

Looking at the feel again, if it is a good quality towel, the feel is definitely softer and softer, such as gift towels, if the feel is rough and hard, then the quality can be imagined. There is also to observe whether there is a formal manufacturer's note, whether there is a specific ingredient label, these all think that the production of towels is standardized and qualified. Only qualified products have quality assurance.

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