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Tomb Sweeping Day Is Raining. How Do You Protect Your Towel From Moisture

Tomb Sweeping Day Is Raining. How Do You Protect Your Towel From Moisture


Recently is also approaching tomb-sweeping day, the weather is also in accordance with the principle of rain during the tomb-sweeping day began the daily rain. Continuous rainy weather, the increasing humidity, everywhere give a person a feeling of wet.

Towels and towels can't dry, laundry can't dry, furniture furniture starts to get damp and so on are all caused by the appearance of long-term rain.


During the rain, the weather is wet and everywhere is wet. This feeling is very uncomfortable, so it is very important to master some moisture-proof tips during the rainy period.

Studies have shown that the optimum humidity range for our human body is 40%-60%, and it usually reaches about 80% during the rainy season, so in the rainy season, dehumidification is actually a top priority.

So how should you carry out the dehumidification operation?

Now common is air conditioning dehumidification. Using air conditioning to open dehumidification is now the most common, the simplest of a dehumidification method. Of course, in addition to air conditioning, you can still buy air dehumidifier, desiccant to play a certain role in dehumidification.

However, it is difficult for clothes to get dry in the rainy season, so after cleaning, the wet clothes will breed bacteria quickly, which also needs to be effectively controlled. But the towels and bath towels we come in close contact with every day do not have the same treatment.


Towel, bath towel everybody is to use every day, but go directly to hang there, very few people will think of going to the towel that oneself use, bath towel to undertake cleaning.

Towels, bath towels and other small necessities of life are in direct contact with our skin. If their hygiene is not up to standard, it will cause large or small impacts on our health.

How to use a towel/bath towel in a healthy way?

1. Special towel special

Towels/bath towels must be special when used. For example, if you use this towel for washing your face, use your towel only for washing your face. Don't use it to wipe other areas. If a towel is used to rub the face, the body, the feet and the private areas, it is very easy to cross infect. (Things like beriberi on your face can happen.)

2. Just for people

In addition, towels/bath towels should also be used for personal use. Use your own towel/bath towel only for yourself, do not give others to use, also do not use other people's towel/bath towel, this is good for yourself and others.

3. Clean and disinfect regularly

Towels must be cleaned and disinfected once a week. Wash/disinfect with salt water, white vinegar, cleaner, or soak towels in boiling water for at least 10 minutes, then wring them out to dry. Bath towels should be cleaned/disinfected more frequently, because it has a larger area and absorbs a lot of water, so bacteria will breed more quickly and it is easy to smell, so it is recommended that bath towels should be cleaned/disinfected once after being used twice.


4. 3 Replacement every month

Many use towels are loathe to change, a long time, but the towel use after 3 months no matter how good you clean, disinfect, maintain to be replaced. The number of bacteria on the towel that has been used for 3 months has reached hundreds of thousands of numbers, and there is no way to reduce it without replacing it, so it's the right thing to do. (If towels are never washed and disinfected, they can have millions of bacteria on them after three months.)

5. Don't buy low-quality towels

We must not buy inferior towels when enough to buy towels, we must choose high-quality towels. We can pass through the fabric (choose pure cotton), smell (inferior printing towel has a stink), gram weight (heavier will not be too bad), brand (big brands are guaranteed)...... To choose.

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