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Today We Support Xinjiang Cotton

Today We Support Xinjiang Cotton


As the world's largest cotton consumer and second largest cotton producer, China's cotton output in 2020/2021 is about 5.95 million tons, and the total demand is about 7.8 million tons, with an annual shortfall of about 1.85 million tons. Among them, Xinjiang's cotton output is 5.2 million tons, accounting for about 87% of domestic output and 67% of domestic consumption.

Xinjiang long staple cotton, the world's top, do quilt, warm, breathable, comfortable, long supply exceeds demand. To meet domestic demand, China needs to import about 2 million tons of cotton every year. In recent years, China has actively expanded import channels to ensure the stability of the domestic cotton supply chain. China has also established a cotton reserve system to ensure that cotton farmers are safe.

Now many towel manufacturers are purchasing cotton in Xinjiang, after spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing...... After that, the fabric can be used for towel production. Because of the excellent quality of Xinjiang cotton, many high-end towels are made of Xinjiang cotton for production and processing.

But now some enterprises want to make money from the Chinese people while boycotting cotton in Xinjiang, which is simply ridiculous.

Because the occurrence of an enterprise has caused public anger, many domestic e-commerce platforms have removed the relevant products of the enterprise.

Respect for facts, respect for Chinese laws and respect for Chinese consumers should be the basic ethics of multinational companies. You can't see the truth through coloured glasses; you can't judge the truth until you know the whole picture.

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