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The towel no longer smells, and I feel good every day

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-17

I don’t know if you have encountered the peculiar smell of the towel when you wipe your face with a towel. I thought it was the cause of the towel. After washing the towel, it is the same again. In the end, it was actually personal. The method is to use 'cleanser' when washing your face. If you only wash with water, the surface of the skin is actually not clean, so an odor will appear after rubbing with the towel. If you don't have a 'cleansing milk

Moreover, if the towel is not dried for a long time, it will have a little peculiar smell, so it is best to put the towel in the sun. If the towel has a peculiar smell after being damp, you can put the towel in the face plate, put a little water, add a little salt, soak for about ten minutes, and then dry it. It is best to buy cotton towels, some fiber + cotton towels are easier to smell after use.

Why does the towel harden? Towels become hard after using for a period of time because the free calcium and magnesium ions in the water combine with soap to form calcium and magnesium soaps that adhere to the towel. How to make the towel soft? After the towel becomes hard, you can boil it in alkaline water for 10 minutes and wash it. Generally, 1.5 kg of water and 30 g of soda ash can be washed to make it soft. How to refresh the slippery towel? It is very annoying when the towel becomes slippery. It can be washed with concentrated salt water and then rinsed with water to refresh it. What kind of towel is the easiest to breed bacteria? There are more bacteria on used towels, and bacteria can only multiply at a certain humidity and a certain temperature, and the most suitable natural conditions for bacteria to multiply are high temperature and high humidity. Under what circumstances towels are most likely to be damaged? The most vulnerable natural condition for the towel itself is high humidity. Therefore, it is best to keep the towel dry frequently.

How to wash towels? The best cycle for towel washing and sterilization is one week. After washing, rinse the plain weave towels with clean water and wring them out. Dry in a well-ventilated place. It is best to use your own towel! Towels are mostly woven with cotton yarn. Cotton fibers are very easy to infect and breed bacteria when they are wet. Therefore, when using towels, it is best to use personal towels. Pure cotton products have strong alkali resistance and can be washed with various soaps and lotions. The water temperature should be controlled below 35℃. It is not advisable to soak in detergent for a long time to prevent discoloration. When ironing, the temperature should be below 120℃. In order to keep the color bright, it is best to dry the clothes in a cool place.

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