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The towel manufacturer tells you that the softer the towel is not necessarily the good cotton towel

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-16

Soft is a good towel! For customers who do not understand towels, the soft and hard feel of cotton towels has become the basis for them to judge the quality of towels. But as a towel manufacturer for more than ten years, Gao Yang tells you that soft towels do not necessarily mean good quality. towel. In the production process, the cotton yarn will affect the softness and hardness of the towel due to the difference in processing technology. Compared with other synthetic cotton, the real cotton towel is relatively hard. Only when the cotton towel absorbs water in use, the durability will be reflected. The advantages.

When many companies make towels, they use a synthetic process of cotton thread and fiber thread, usually viscose. After the enterprise uses viscose, the towel feels very soft, but it seriously affects the water absorption. If you see 100% cotton (PK) on the label, then you should know that it is also synthetic. After you buy it and take it home, you can check whether the fabric of the towel has synthetic threads.

We can do an experiment. Pour about 5ml of water on the surface of the glass and wipe the surface of the glass with a towel. If there is water on the surface of the glass after cleaning the glass, it means that the towel is not pure cotton.

Generally speaking, the service life of towels is less than three years, which depends on the density of the towels, which should not be less than 450 grams. Density indicators are generally not indicated on towel labels. People can judge the density of towels by other indicators. For example, a towel with a size of 70×140 cm, if it weighs 490 grams, has a density of about 500 grams per square meter.

The length of the fluff of the towel should not exceed 8 mm and should not be shorter than 3.5 mm. why? The fluffy towel looks good and feels high density, but once washed, it is easy to see how old the towel looks. Too short, the water absorption is not good, and it feels hard and uncomfortable when rubbing the skin with a short lint towel. Therefore, the optimal length of towel fluff is 5 mm, and towels produced according to this standard are more durable.

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