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The towel factory teaches you four tips to help you choose towels

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-22

The towel factory teaches you four tips to help you choose towels:

1. The high-quality pure cotton towel feels fluffy and heavy, soft and non-slippy. It is soft and elastic when held in the fist, and no lint will fall off when slapped.

2. High-quality towels should not have any peculiar smell. If you feel the pungent smell of new towels, it is recommended to give up buying such products.

3. Whether the towel is sewn finely, neatly, whether the loop height is flat, whether the color is pure and bright, and there is no unevenness in depth.

4. Towels should have excellent water absorption. Whether they can quickly absorb water is the key to the advantages and disadvantages of towels. Try a drop of water, this may be a more convenient way.

As long as you master the above tips, you can buy high-quality and inexpensive towels that can be used for a long time in daily use.

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