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The performance and characteristics of bamboo charcoal fiber

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-12

The bamboo charcoal contained in bamboo fiber towels is known as the 'black diamond' and is known internationally as 'the new guardian of environmental protection in the 21st century'. It takes moso bamboo as the raw material, adopts the new calcination process and new technology of pure oxygen high temperature and nitrogen barrier time delay, which makes the natural micropores of bamboo charcoal more refined and honeycomb, and then it is combined with the honeycomb microporous structure trend. Ester modified chips are made by melt spinning. The biggest difference of the fiber is that each bamboo charcoal fiber has a honeycomb-like microporous structure that penetrates inside and outside. This unique fiber structure design can make 100% of the functions of bamboo charcoal come into play. The birth of this multi-functional bamboo charcoal fiber is a revolutionary innovation of textile multi-functional raw materials.

Characteristics of bamboo fiber towels:

1. Silky, soft and warm, like 'satin silk': bamboo fiber has fine unit fineness, soft hand feeling; good whiteness, bright color; strong toughness and abrasion resistance, unique resilience; strong Longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, good drape; soft and slippery without sticking, softer than cotton, with a unique velvet feel.

2. Moisture absorption and ventilation, warm in winter and cool in summer: The cross section of bamboo charcoal fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can instantly absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. The height of the natural cross-section is hollow, making industry experts call bamboo charcoal fiber 'breathable' fiber, and also called it the 'fiber queen'. Bamboo charcoal fiber ranks first among all major textile fibers in terms of hygroscopicity, moisture release and air permeability. Warm in winter and cool in summer is determined by the hollow characteristics of bamboo charcoal fiber. Bamboo charcoal fiber textiles are used in summer and autumn, which makes people feel particularly cool and breathable; when used in winter and spring, they are fluffy and comfortable and can remove excess heat and moisture from the body without getting fire or hair. dry.

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial, antibacterial rate of 94.5%: After being tested by SGS, the world's largest inspection, testing and certification organization, the same number of bacteria can be observed under a microscope, and bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber products. After 24 hours on the bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber fabric, the decrease was 94.5%. This achievement also provides a choice of protective clothing for the prevention of SARS, which is unmatched by other textile materials.

4. Green environmental protection and UV resistance: Bamboo charcoal fiber is a green environmental protection material extracted from raw bamboo. It has the natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect and negative ion properties of bamboo. The test by the Shanghai Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proved that the transmittance of bamboo charcoal fiber fabric to the ultraviolet light of 200-400nm is almost zero, and the ultraviolet light of this wavelength is the most harmful to the human body.

The performance of bamboo fiber towels:

The main properties of bamboo charcoal fiber are:

Super adsorption capacity: The adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal is more than 5 times that of charcoal. It can absorb, decompose and deodorize harmful substances and dust such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and ammonia. For example, the ammonia removal rate of ordinary viscose fiber is only 17.4%, while the ammonia removal rate of bamboo charcoal viscose fiber reaches 54%.

Emitting far-infrared rays and storing heat to keep warm: The far-infrared emission rate is as high as 0.87, which can store heat to keep warm, and the temperature rises faster than ordinary cotton fabrics. Humidity control to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying: The high balance of moisture regain and water retention gives the bamboo charcoal fiber the ability to control humidity.

High Negative Ion Emission Concentration: Usually, the concentration of negative ions in urban parks is 1000-2000/cm3, the concentration of negative ions in suburban fields is 5000-50000/cm3, and the concentration of bamboo charcoal fibers emits negative ions is 6800/cm3, which is equivalent to the suburbs. The concentration of negative ions in the field is therefore beneficial to health.

High mineral content, with special health functions: Bamboo charcoal fiber contains potassium, calcium and other minerals that are beneficial to health.

For example: potassium 0.85, sodium 0.01, calcium 0.05, magnesium 0.04, iron 0.01, manganese 0.05.

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