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The industry is changing. What should the role of digital printing be?

The industry is changing. What should the role of digital printing be?


Now, with the continuous improvement of computer technology, advanced production principles have brought good development opportunities to various industries. For example, the digital printing industry is also developing very fast.

Look at the current digital printing market:

1. At present, the majority of printed textiles in the world are actually traditional printing, while the proportion of digital printing is much lower.

2. Although the traditional printing is still the main printing technology, the digital printing is growing by more than 20% of the average annual compound growth rate, by 2020 will account for all textile printing more than 10% of the share, actually because of the influence of the outbreak, this year has been a lot of traditional printing enterprises in the digital printing technology in turn.

3. The demand for digital printing machines will continue to grow at a high speed, with the number of installed machines expected to exceed 30000 by the end of this year.

4. Now also because of the impact of the epidemic, many traditional printing enterprises are directly aware of the development potential of digital printing, and are transforming their enterprises into the digital printing industry, and are increasing their investment in digital printing.

5. In fact, in addition to the transformation of traditional printing enterprises to digital printing, many enterprises in other industries are also gradually changing and participating in the development of digital printing.

As a matter of fact, the global economic development this year is relatively poor due to the epidemic. But before, we can see that the market share of digital printing in different regions of the world is completely different. Among them, the proportion of digital printing in Europe is relatively high. By 2020, the proportion of digital printing in Europe will reach about 30% of its total printing volume. The market share of digital printing in North America and Latin America will reach around 13% by 2020; Asia accounts for more than 70 percent of the world's printing volume. By 2020, Asia's share of digital printing will account for about 6.3 percent of its total printing volume, but China is the only country in the world with economic growth this year.

In fact, look at the introduction of digital printing enterprises so many, there must be no small advantage.

1. In fact, after knowing digital printing for such a long time, I also feel that the biggest advantage of digital printing should be reflected in the effect of printing, because the color of digital printing pattern is really much better than the effect of traditional printing pattern.

2. In addition, I don't know whether you know about traditional printing or not. There are restrictions on patterns and color matching in traditional printing, so there are restrictions on products with customized patterns. In addition, digital printing has no difference between pattern and color, so digital printing can meet the personalized needs of consumers to the maximum extent, so as to produce the best products to improve the quality of life of everyone.

3. In addition, due to the strict inspection of environmental protection, the traditional printing has some problems due to its high energy consumption, while the digital printing is developing faster and faster due to its low energy consumption during this period.

4. Digital printing is produced through computer color mixing, so in fact, from the color of computer color mixing compared with the traditional artificial color, in the display of color to be intelligent and accuracy and effect is also much better.

5. And compared with the traditional printing machine, the accuracy and stability of the digital printing machine are much higher. In addition, the nozzle used for digital printing is a high-precision nozzle, and the ink drop size of the print nozzle can be adjusted, so the precision control effect will be high.

6. In fact, having said so much, digital printing has two very attractive consumers and customers that the production speed of digital printing is very, very fast. Digital printing because there is no plate making, if the pattern needs to be modified, you only need to modify the design pattern on the computer, which not only saves time but also saves money.

7. In addition, digital printing supports small batch customization, so it is very suitable for more varieties and fewer customized towels.

8. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing requires less manpower, is more intelligent and more suitable for the production of modern society.

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