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Teach everyone the most practical six-point towel purchase knowledge

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-17

Look-look at the appearance

Good towels are soft and bright in color. Whether it is a printed or plain towel, as long as the materials are exquisite and the craftsmanship is at home, it must be very bright, the pattern is clear, and there is a sense of freshness at first glance. Don't buy towels that are as old as old, because this kind of towels are generally simple in craftsmanship. The materials used are very poor, which is harmful to health.

Smell-smell the smell

A good towel will not have a peculiar smell. If it smells like candles or ammonia, it means that the softener is too much; if it has a sour smell, the pH may exceed the standard; if it has a pungent smell, it means that it has been used Free formaldehyde is precipitated in the fixing agent containing formaldehyde.

Soaking-color fastness to soaking in water

High-quality towels are generally dyed with reactive dyes. During the reaction, part of the dye is combined with the fiber, and part of the dye is hydrolyzed. It is only adsorbed on the fiber, indicating that it is easy to fall off. For dark towels, a large amount of hydrolyzed fuel is adsorbed on the fibers and it is difficult to clean. Therefore, the first washing will cause discoloration, which is inevitable. If the light-colored towels are washed too much for the first time or the dark-colored towels are still washed for many times. Discoloration is caused by unqualified dyes or inaccurate dyeing process, which is a substandard product.

Touch-touch feel

A good towel has a fluffy texture and a soft hand. This kind of towel is elastic in the hand, soft and comfortable on the face, but not slippery. The slippery is caused by the addition of too much softener. A small amount of softener will help the hand feel, but too much softener will not only affect the feel. It is water-absorbent and is not good for our health.

Drip-drip detection

Good towels have better water absorption. If water drips on the towels, good towels will penetrate quickly, but towels with poor texture will form water droplets that do not penetrate. This situation indicates that there is too much softener in the towel. Too much softener not only affects water absorption, but is also detrimental to health. We may bet against the fine pores of our skin, which affects our metabolism. In addition, inferior softeners also contain toxic substances, which are more harmful to health.

Select-select brand

Because the towel industry has entered the era of reshuffle, strong, professional towel companies have gradually accumulated a certain degree of popularity and reputation. If you are not sure about which towel to choose, you can first delineate a few Each brand, and then understand their respective reputations before making a decision.

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