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Swimsuit industry market, see digital printing expand

Swimsuit industry market, see digital printing expand


The US is driving the global swimwear market, generating $47 million in revenue as of 2019, according to Statista. In the UK, sports and swimwear revenues totalled $2.1m and are expected to grow by 2.4 per cent a year from 2019 to 2023 as retailers such as John Lewis announce expansion of their swimwear lines. Revenue from the UK sports and swimwear sector is expected to reach $2.092 billion in 2019. The global sports and swimwear market will reach usd 47.303 billion.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for clothing, food, housing and transportation are constantly increasing, which is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprises. With the continuous development of technology, more and more new products into the consumer's vision, favored by consumers. With the continuous maturity of digital printing technology, many products are doing better and better to meet the personalized needs of consumers. The swimsuit industry is one of them, many people regard the swimsuit industry as sunrise industry.

0 1  Digital printing meets individual needs

As the post-90s become the main force of swimwear consumption, the uniqueness and diversity of design becomes particularly important. Cookie-cutter style has been unable to meet the diverse needs of consumers, personalized has become a trend. Swimsuit print designs will also become an important factor for companies and a potential driver of consumer purchasing power.

0 2 Rich and free color, digital printing favored

The choice of color and the collocation of printing, to a large extent, determines whether a swimsuit is popular in the market, and printing is the finishing touch. According to industry experts point out: in recent years geometric collision type, irregular pattern is used more, network popularity is also visible everywhere in swimwear.

With the growing maturity of digital printing technology, it is suitable for nylon and polyester fabrics, and digital printing technology is less pollution, meet the requirements of environmental protection, therefore, the application of digital printing technology to complete the bathing suit printing by many bathing suit enterprises, the whole bathing suit industry is gradually moving towards "digital printing".

0 3 Functional fabrics are still a favorite

The choice of fabric types of swimwear enterprises is also very different from the past, jacquard, luminous, reflective, functional fabrics are more and more used. At the same time, some enterprises will also import waterproof and bactericidal fabrics from European countries.

Therefore, the traditional printing can not meet the needs of enterprises, at the same time, the profit margin of traditional yarn and fabric is shrinking. Therefore, the personalized application of digital printing, as well as the research and development of related special fabrics, such as crepe cloth, jacquard, flannelette, color and so on, have a certain market space.

0 4 Swimwear Trends

According to relevant reports, experts in the swimsuit industry are optimistic about the layout of the swimsuit business sports category, and pointed out that functional sports underwear has a huge market space, suitable for a wide range of sports people.

At the same time, yoga, running pants, cycling clothes, fitness clothing and all kinds of competitive clothing will also become a new direction of swimwear enterprises. Layout sports series and swimsuit off-season form complementary, will also provide digital printing enterprises with another potential development opportunities!

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