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Sports towel which kind of material is good? Anyone who likes sports should watch it

Sports towel which kind of material is good? Anyone who likes sports should watch it


Life lies in exercise, any time, any season should be regular exercise, hot summer is no exception. Anyone who likes to exercise knows that running, whether outdoors or at the gym, carries a towel around their neck or over their arm rest. So, what kind of sports towel material is good? How to maintain?

At present, sports towels on the market have a variety of materials, including pure cotton, superfine fiber, bamboo fiber, etc. Compared with ordinary towels, sports towels not only have stronger water absorption, but also use materials, specifications, size, water absorption and other aspects of the optimization design for sports, so more professional, suitable for the majority of sports lovers.

In terms of water absorption, fiber towels are better, and in terms of touch, cotton and fiber towels are about the same. But note that fiber towels after a period of use and cleaning, will become dry and hard; Cotton towels can do the same, but much better than fiber towels. With the towel of air permeability, instant water absorption will gradually reduce. Because this long-term use fiber kind towel is inferior to pure cotton towel.

Proper maintenance of sports towels

Towels need to be washed and changed frequently. The service life of towels is generally within three months to half a year, so it is necessary to replace them in time and clean them frequently. Sports towel because of the particularity of the use of the environment, it is easier to absorb sweat and breed microbes than ordinary towels, so the usual cleaning work to do a little more carefully. When cleaning sports towel, it is best to use neutral washing liquid, or weak alkaline washing soap, and cooperate with the appropriate concentration of disinfectant cleaning treatment. Conditional words, you can consider using hot steam to do simple sterilization, and then try to dry the towel in the sun.

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