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Solid or printed beach towels are bette

Solid or printed beach towels are bette


Beach towel is one of the necessary things for beach vacation. There are two kinds of beach towel in the market according to the style: plain color beach towel and printed beach towel. Plain color beach towel is refreshing and simple, green and suitable for low-key friends. Printed beach towels can be printed in different patterns according to demand, which is more fashionable. Solid color beach towel color generally choose red, yellow, blue, white, green and other light colors are more beautiful, pay attention to avoid too dark color, otherwise it will be very suntan. Here's a look at the color options for solid beach towels.

First, solid color beach towel or printed beach towel is better

People go to the beach in the summer can be said to be more and more, generally go to the beach will carry a beach towels to use, can not only shade clothing, and can rise the good adornment effect, relatively popular in the market of beach towels are pure color printed beach towel and beach towel two kinds, the beach towels solid color and printing which is better?

1. Solid color beach towel is generally a simple color, which is very simple but looks very refreshing, just like a solid color shirt, giving people a more comfortable feeling.

2. printed beach towel can be printed on the beach towel on a variety of patterns, now widely used digital printing technology production without color restrictions, no restrictions on the pattern, how to design how to design, can be customized according to the needs of the pattern, very fashionable.

In general, both solid-colored and printed beach towels are better. In comparison, solid-colored beach towels are greener and more suitable for those who want to keep a low profile. Go trendy with printed beach towels.

Two, solid color beach towel what color is good

Many friends prefer fresh and simple pure color beach towel, so pure color beach towel color how to choose?

1. Red: Red beach towels go well with the environment, even on the beach.

2. yellow: yellow beach towel and the color of the beach is very good, with a good effect.

3. blue: blue is not eye-catching, but it is the same color with the blue sky and the sea, let a person feel fresh and harmonious nature.

4. white: white is a versatile color, in the hot summer, white will appear particularly refreshing, sunscreen effect is better.

5.green: green is the color of life, put on a green beach towel makes people feel full of vitality.

In short, the color of the beach towel is diverse, you can choose, according to their preferences, it is generally recommended to choose light color, colorful will not appear tacky, after all, the beach towel is these colors; As long as you don't choose something that's too dark, the sun is still bright on the beach, and you'll get a terrible sunburn if you wear a dark towel.

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