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Say goodbye to the heavy computer bag and camera bag, and bring the universal busyman sticker!

Say goodbye to the heavy computer bag and camera bag, and bring the universal busyman sticker!


Do you have such distress? There are a lot of high-end electronic products around us, but most electronic products do not give a suitable protective appliance, and different products need to buy corresponding protective appliances. Originally, electronic products made great efforts to reduce weight, but we always put bulky protective covers on them in order to protect our beloved things. We are really unwilling!

Not long ago, such a magic cloth was called black. Its original intention is to wrap and protect electronic products.

Package electronic products

Evaluation based on male perspective

Does it look like an ordinary flannel bag at first glance? But in fact, it's just a piece of cloth! Without any suture or Velcro paste, it can rely on its own special weaving method to fit itself together, which is very firm and has load-bearing capacity.

Self fitting and load-bearing

Moreover, there are no restrictions on its fitting and use. There is no need to consider the shape of the object. Whether the shape of the object is square or round, or other strange shapes, this hundred stickers can perfectly wrap it.

Wrapping and protecting the lens is convenient and fast, which can be completed by wrapping and pasting. It can also be used to protect the camera and avoid scratching when wearing it on your back. Laptops and iPads can also be packed as you go. When you use it, you can use it as you like with one touch. Take this light protective cloth and you can say goodbye to the heavy protective sleeve.

This fabric is as soft and comfortable as a towel, and can even be used as a cleaning cloth. It takes great care of expensive cameras or computer equipment. Moreover, it can be used for more than one cloth. When you don't pack other things, it's also very convenient to store the data cable and charger. Similarly, you can throw it into the bag and take it out!

The cloth is soft

Evaluation based on female perspective

Of course, in addition to meeting the needs of boys to wrap electronic and digital products, it can also meet the wishes of girls.

A girl's bag is simply a Doraemon pocket. Every time she looks for cosmetics, it is no less than a treasure hunt. There are so many things in the bag that you can't find the cosmetics you want to use. If you want to make up after going shopping and eating, it will take a long time to look for cosmetics in your bag. The Gaojian Baitie cloth makes the storage more convenient. It can be opened with a gentle uncovering. Everything is clear at a glance and easy to access.

At the same time, because of its tight wrapping, there is no gap left. The small cosmetics wrapped in the bag will not shake and wear in the bag, and will not be carelessly scattered on the ground, let alone worry about the keys in the bag scratching the beloved lipstick perfume.


1. It can replace the heavy protective sleeve, which is scratch resistant and wear-resistant. It can wrap and protect your beloved electronic products at ordinary times. You don't have to worry about putting cameras and lenses in your backpack. The thickened version can also play the role of liner protection.

2. It can replace the cosmetic bag for short-term travel. It usually takes up space and is dissatisfied and cumbersome to carry 32 pairs of cosmetics when going out every day. However, with a hundred stickers, you can go out as you like. It can protect the beloved cosmetics from being scratched by the key and will not be scattered in the bag, which is always missing.

3. Because it is not limited by any shape and is as soft as a towel, it can provide close protection for thousands of items, and the classified storage of travel can also save space. When not in use, it is light and does not occupy space.

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