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Pure cotton baby bath towel, the patron saint of baby's soft skin

Pure cotton baby bath towel, the patron saint of baby's soft skin


Every baby is the center of the whole family. Mothers want to give their baby the best care. Taking a bath is something the baby should do every day. Choosing a big and comfortable bath towel for the baby should be a very distressing thing for most mothers. The baby's skin has the characteristics of easy absorption of foreign objects, easy friction damage, immature cuticle, weak thermoregulation ability, poor resistance, etc. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a suitable bath towel for the baby.

1.Gauze bath towel

This bath towel is a medical grade washable gauze. It is of good quality, soft and comfortable. It has strong ventilation and sweat absorption. It is very practical. The yarn is tight and firm, fluffy and soft, with strong water absorption and easy drying. The large size can easily wrap the baby.

2.Gauze blanket

This bath towel is made of pure cotton. It is soft and skin friendly, not easy to lose hair and fade. It does not contain harmful substances and will not harm the baby's body. There are many air holes, which can breathe and dry quickly, so it is not easy to breed bacteria.

3.Bamboo fiber bath towel

This bath towel is large enough to wrap your baby easily. The material is comfortable, soft and close to the skin. It is easy to absorb sweat. It is very comfortable for babies to use. The double-sided jacquard process makes the bath towel look very generous. The exquisite sewing process and careful wiring make it more comfortable.

4.Combed cotton jacquard bath towel

The baby should choose pure cotton clothes as much as possible to go to the prickly heat. This bath towel is made of combed pure cotton fabric; Gauze thickened structure and intimate bulge design make it soft and breathable with instant water absorption and locking characteristics; The wide size can be used for baby bath towel, blanket cover, blanket holding and other purposes to take care of every inch of baby's skin.

5.Embroidered Baby Bath Towel

Embroidered Baby Bath towel can be used as a multi-functional towel. It is made of cotton. It feels soft and smooth. It is suitable for newborn babies. It uses plant printing and dyeing, without adding fluorescent agent, and has a beautiful embroidered cartoon shape. It is a breathable and absorbent bath towel.

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