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Proofing a machine, a large cargo machine, how to do color difference?

Proofing a machine, a large cargo machine, how to do color difference?


Recently, because many enterprises have introduced digital printing technology, there are more and more digital printing enterprises on the market now.

But now there is a new introduction of digital printing technology enterprises to our company, we hope that our company can help them to solve the color difference between samples and bulk goods.

Originally the company is such, after receiving the order when your business is still not fully installed in the machine, and customers are more anxious to sample, so I found a company near the sample to the customer to send the past, the client after the sample is good, under the big orders, this time because your machine is installed, Therefore, we will produce mass goods at home. No matter how customers print and mix colors, they just can't produce product colors similar to the samples.

Now the time for mass production is getting closer and closer, so we hope that we can help produce mass products without color difference.

In fact, when it comes to chromatic aberration, a lot of operations can lead to such a problem.

Different screens

Now we use the basic display is not the same, and different displays show the effect is not the same. This has to do with the setup of the computer and the light source of the display. And printed on cotton terry cloth, the slow reflection of light is not the same. The slow reflection of light is different in different materials, so there will be some deviation in the color seen.

● Temperature and humidity

Because digital printing products are affected by temperature and humidity, and the production process is more, it is inevitable that there will be some color difference. So now the digital printing room to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

● Different fabrics

If the fabric batch is different, the sizing batch is different, the color difference will be greater; It is normal for samples and bulk goods to have a little color difference. If the color difference is large, it may be that different batches of fabric or different batches of sizing fabric are used.

● Different machines

Different equipment, due to the ink control and curve are different, so the printing will have deviation. If you need different equipment to print the same effect, it needs to go through a complicated color mixing process, so it is recommended that the same pattern be produced on the same equipment.

In order to reduce the color difference between samples and bulk goods, we must pay attention to keep the machine and fabric unchanged, and then adjust the color to keep the color consistent.

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