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Professional terms for towels

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-14

1. Cut pile: Towels are produced with loops on both sides; in order to make the hand feel better and achieve a good printing effect, cut pile is provided. Pile cutting is to cut half of the loops to create a plush effect. In this way, the towel has ideal printing conditions and a delicate feel. Nowadays, foreign products generally require cut pile; the color of cut pile products is clear after printing, and the hand feel is comfortable, but its disadvantage is that cut pile products will have slight lint loss. Products that do not cut velvet will not have fine prints and unsatisfactory effects, but the patterns are very durable, so there is no need to worry about it shed fluff; but the hand feel is relatively poor.

2. Water absorption: Why do some towels not absorb water after being put in the water? Some towels absorb water as soon as they touch it? Because in the process of treating towels, an additive is used: softener, which is a kind of liquid, and the towel will become very soft after passing through it. There are two types: one is water-absorbent; the other is non-absorbent. The color of products produced with non-absorbent additives is brighter, as if the surface is coated with a layer of grease; so thin and bright towels will not absorb water well.

3. Organization process: There are several types of terry towels, such as one side is composed of one terry, the other side is two terry; some have one terry on both sides; some have two terry on both sides. Consists of a pile of loops. This is a double-sided double-sand. Generally, the products we see are towels composed of two sides and a loop; because it is an ordinary mass product, this is called a single-sand craft; one side is composed of a loop, the other side It is a towel with two loops, this is called single and double sand craft; it belongs to the high-end product series, so this is more durable; the printed pattern is bright and dazzling; as for the double-sided double sand craft, both sides are two wool A towel made up of circles; this towel is particularly thick. It is a product with better quality, and it is divided into double sand and double sand. Sometimes to increase the weight, it will be made into three sands, but generally there are relatively few. Under the premise of no jacquard and cut-off technology, it is the so-called plain weave towel.

4. Gear-off: What is gear-off? In addition to the loops, you can see a large or small cloth stall in the middle of the towel. These towels are broken towels; the craftsmanship can be ever-changing; many patterns can be woven.

5. Jacquard: On the towel, you can see that some are loops and some are cloth stalls, which are lower than loops; after the engineer's craftsmanship, these bumps show various patterns and patterns. The process of this kind of towel is more complicated, and the price is higher than that of ordinary towels; because of the limitation of the process, only two colors can be matched, and the other can only be dyed to achieve a variety of colors; the pattern is relatively simple.

6. Embroidery: This is relatively simple. It is to use computers to embroider various patterns on the finished towels to improve the ornamental of the towels and have a certain added value to them.

7. Bath towel: it is wrapped around the body after taking a bath; there are children's bath towels (usually 60x120cm 69x137cm), adult bath towels (70x140CM and 76x152CM are the most common). This kind of bath towel is generally printed with beautiful colors: cartoons, beauties, landscapes...especially popular. In addition, these bath towels are used as beach towels abroad; they are used to pad on the beach when traveling to the beach and put on the body after swimming. Bath towels are also particularly good as decorations. In China, plain bath towels are generally used. They are not made by printing, but are all white or the same light color; the kind used in general hotels. And families generally don't use this kind of thing. Little girls especially like cartoons, because they are more beautiful, so bath towels are also quite popular in China.

8. All cotton: In order to reduce the cost and increase the plasticity of the towel, some towels will add a little chemical fiber to the cotton yarn; how do we tell which? Chemical fiber generally feels particularly soft and comfortable; it feels very soft (the softener mentioned above has this function separately) and large-area printed products are easier to distinguish: because the yarn of chemical fiber is not colored, it is white, and it is under the purple light. ; Shows the color of banknotes against inferiority. It can also be distinguished by burning. The loop yarn on the edge of the towel is drawn out and wound into a circle, and it is ignited with fire. It burns quickly, the gray is black and gray, and it is light and free of residue. It is pure cotton or cellulose regenerated fiber. If the burning ash is not clean and there are lumps, it means that the yarn is a blended yarn with chemical synthetic fiber.

9. Reactive printing: refers to a new type of environmentally friendly dye used in printing patterns; it is a non-toxic dye, which has gradually replaced ordinary paint printing. Paint printing is easy to distinguish. The color of reactive printing patterns is glossy, paint printing is not glossy, the dyes used are not environmentally friendly, where it was printed; the loops or suede are stuck together, and there is no fluffy feeling. It is a product that is slowly being eliminated. The paint is still used by people now, because it can make the loops or suede stick together; so it is used for printing fonts, lines and reducing printing costs.

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