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Production process of pure cotton towel

Production process of pure cotton towel


What is the production process of pure cotton towel? Which link determines the quality of cotton towels? Today, Busy Man, a towel manufacturer, takes you through the production process of pure cotton towels.

Under normal circumstances, pure cotton towel is made through a series of steps such as "cotton yarn → bleaching, dyeing → boiling → washing → drying → winding and weft → warping → sizing → weaving → printing and finishing → grey cloth inspection → punching tailor system → inspection packaging → storage".

In the above towel production process, the most important is to control the weaving process. In order to ensure the quality of products, Busy Man towel must be processed by special preparatory process before formal weaving, and then enter the loom to weave products that meet the standard according to the set process. Once you've done this, you can get a rough idea of what the finished towel looks like.

The quality, output and consumption of weaving technology directly affect the level of towels, which must be highly valued. When we examine towel manufacturers, we can focus on the weaving process. Some towel manufacturer scale is small, production equipment is little, when wholesale in large quantities, production efficiency is low, pass rate is low. In order to ensure delivery, these manufacturers will be there to make up the number, good products mixed with bad products to sell. What's more, do not have their own production workshop, from other towel manufacturers to buy, and then resell, towel prices will be expensive, towel quality is not guaranteed.

Busy Man Towel Factory has an independent processing plant, using standardized production lines. From material selection to packaging, transportation and delivery, layer upon layer strict control. Strict selection of production raw materials, fine textile technology, the use of non-fluorescent dye, strict control of product quality, determined to do "infant standard adult towel".

The Busy Man reminds you that if you want to do wholesale towel, or need to purchase in large quantities, in order to prevent loss, or suggest you to visit the towel manufacturer before buying. More investigation, more comparison, to reduce the loss.

If you need to visit the Busy Man factory, you can sign up with the online customer service.

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