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New ways to help in summer Did you Get it?

New ways to help in summer Did you Get it?


Cold towels should be limited in summer

Summer is coming,

In addition to iced drinks, ice cream, ice cream,

You'll also need a quick cooling artifact

-- Cold towel

Soak it in the water, take it out and shake it,

Place it where you want to cool it (neck, lower axillary, etc.),

After more than ten seconds, you can experience the different cold.

Summer stars should be a necessary item!

1. can keep out the head, the body, summer sun protection in a new way!

2. can be developed for love beans call support

(both hand, or banner)

3. the United States of love beans to help the map, you can also enjoy at home

4. can also be tied on the hand, bag, as decoration

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