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New towels cannot be used directly

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-17

Towels have common sense in buying, and knowledge in using them.

  ●Do not use the new towel directly, you should wash the new towel with water before using it.

  ●Used towels should be washed, aired, and dried before being used in order to meet the requirements of hygiene and health. If they are reused without washing and drying, or even shared by multiple people, the chance of bacterial transmission will increase greatly , And may cause cross-infection. Our country’s health organization has also issued a special document advocating that consumers use three towels for men and four for women;

  ●The place where towels are placed should be kept ventilated and dry to prevent spots or breed various bacteria and increase the service life of towels;

  ●Do not bleach household towels with bleach, so as not to harm the skin;

  ●Towels should be replaced in time. Any product has a lifespan. Towels are fiber fabrics and are organic, and their lifespan is generally 3 months.

   So the towels should be changed in time according to the time of use. If the towel develops mildew or becomes dry or hard, replace it immediately.

  ●Everyone must have their own special towel, and configure towel products for different purposes according to their needs. Face towels, bath towels, absorbent headbands, sports towels, etc. should be used separately;

   ●Towels should be cleaned promptly after use, disinfected once a week, it is best to dry or dry in time;

  ●When the towel becomes greasy, you can wash it with salt water.

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