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Which kind of printing processing methods?

Which kind of printing processing methods?
Issue Time:2018-05-06
  There are many ways to print, but when it is needed, which printing method should be selected, it still requires careful selection. We must know the superior value of this method, and then select the most suitable processing method according to the basic situation.
  As one of the simplest printing methods, direct printing is one of the most common printing methods in the market, and this method has been recognized throughout the market, and printing directly at the time of printing not only guarantees quality, but also In terms of overall printing, it is also relatively easy, so it means that you want to do better and you need to have a better understanding of the details.
  printing processing methods
  Discharging is also the most common method in printing processing. It is to do some colored patterns on the dyed fabrics. In the entire operation process, some chemicals may be added, so the details still need to be very good. Grasping, in order to maintain the ultimate effect of the perfect, the effect of the entire pattern or color can show is also very good, to ensure that more people can understand this.
  Anti-dying as one of them is really good in the specific dyeing process. If we can all know these basic advantages, we will know that we can't bring more benefits in the specific choice.
  Choose the right printing method and make the best product.
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