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Misunderstandings about washing your face with a towel

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-13

Some misunderstandings in the towel factory reminding us to wash our faces with towels

1, should not use soap

   There are many sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the facial skin, which form a natural 'high-end beauty cream' every moment, forming an invisible protective film on the skin. It is slightly acidic and has a strong sterilizing skin care effect. Alkalescence not only destroys its maintenance effect, but also affects the 'oil production' of sebaceous glands. The more you use the pansi to 'degreasIt can be seen that if the skin is not too dirty, it should not be used to cleanse.

2, should not use wet towels

   Long-term wet towels are conducive to the reproduction of various microorganisms. Washing and wiping with a wet towel is tantamount to correcting various bacteria on the face. Towels are usually kept clean and dry. After washing your face with your hands, wipe them dry with a dry towel, and wash them again quickly.

3, should not use washbasin

   Not to mention whether the washbasin was cleaned or not, the face wash in the meantime, after the interaction between hands and face, became more and more muddy, and finally ended in uncleanness. It is far better to wash your face with running water in your hands: first rub your hands to clean, and then wash your face with your hands.

4, should not use hot water

  Hot water can completely remove the protective film on the face, so after washing your face with hot water, your skin will feel very tight and sad. In fact, even in the severe winter, you don’t need hot water to wash your face. You can wash away the dust on your face with only cold water. At the same time, you can train the blood vessels and nerves of your face and wake your brain.

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