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Microfiber towel is a must-have towel for your home

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-11

Superfine fibers can absorb dust, particles, and liquids up to 7 times their own weight. Each filament is only 1/200th of hair. This is the reason why microfiber has super cleaning ability. The gaps between the filaments can absorb dust, oil stains, and dirt until they are washed away with water, soap, or detergent.

These voids can also absorb a lot of water, so superfine fibers have strong water absorption. And because it is only stored in the gap, it can be quickly dried, so it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria.

Ordinary fabrics: only backlog and push dirt. There will be residues left on the surface being cleaned. Because there is no space to hold the dirt, the surface of the cloth will be very dirty and difficult to clean.

Microfiber fabric: countless tiny shovel can scoop up and store dirt until it is washed away. The end result is a clean, smooth surface. Wet use can make dirt and oil stains emulsified, and the microfiber can be wiped more easily. High water absorption, so that it can clean the spilled liquid very quickly.

Specific application:

A must-have product for home life. It is widely used in all walks of life such as personal sanitary ware, utensils scrubbing, and beauty. Especially allergic patients or people who are allergic to chemical agents will like microfiber cleaning towels very much. Because they do not need to use any chemicals when wiping. Microfiber towels can be used repeatedly and are very durable. After each use, just put the cleansing towel in clean water and wash it again.

The technical level of microfiber towels is relatively high, and most companies have poor product quality and low profit levels due to inadequate technical levels. In the future, with the improvement of domestic enterprises' technical level and technology, the profit level of the industry will gradually increase.

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