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In 2022, how can you not know where digital printing can be applied?

In 2022, how can you not know where digital printing can be applied?


Recently there is a relatively high frequency of the question: digital printed towels for which fields?

In fact, this problem has been discussed with you before, and I will explain it to you again.

Here or to explain to everyone what is digital printing?

Digital printing is actually printing with digital technology. The same is true of traditional printing technology, which has developed over the years.

But digital printing technology and traditional printing technology, the difference is still relatively big.

Specific performance in the following aspects:

1. digital printing proofing without plate making.

2. There is no restriction on pattern and color matching in digital printing.

3. There is no size limit, as long as it is within the scope of the machine door.

4. Low moQ, 50-100 can be moQ, more suitable for small batch production.

Digital printing is more intelligent.


Of course, having said so many advantages, digital printed towel is suitable for application in which fields?

In fact, digital printed towels are basically customized pattern production, so because of the scope of customization is particularly wide.

Enterprise customization (send customers, do employee welfare);

Customized by the school (as a holiday benefit for teachers);

Match customization (publicity for teams and players);

Concert customization (publicity for singers and bands);

Fans support (cheer for their idols);

Hotel gift customization (theme activities gift to customers);

Amusement park customization (for amusement park theme activities fame, attract customers);

Expand activities customization (enhance teamwork awareness);

Customization of various sports events (ball games, cycling, rally, wrestling, Taekwondo, boxing, Olympic Games, World Cup, World Championships...)

Variety show customization (similar to the previous Chinese hip hop, this is the street dance, hot blood Dance troupe and so on can be used, reality show, competition programs are also ok.)

Boss office/house customization

Having said that, are there any areas where digital printing doesn't work?

Just about anything you can use it for.

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