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How to wash white towel dyeing? What if the white towel is dyed?

How to wash white towel dyeing? What if the white towel is dyed?


What if the white towel is dyed? White towels are particularly dirty towels. If there is a little dirt, it will be particularly obvious. White towels are also easy to rub against food juices. And when washing white towels, if you do not pay attention to the color classification, it is easy to dye white towels with different colors. What should we do with these dyed white towels? The following towel manufacturer Epwan xiaobian, teach you a few tips, easy to solve the problem of how to wash white towel dyeing, but also can make the towel is not yellow, restore as new.

How to wash white towel dyeing

White towels are dyed in two ways, one is rubbing juice from unknown food, the other is accidentally dyed while washing white towels. If the white towel is dyed, we must not panic, to be found after the dye, the first time to soak it in water, keep the white towel wet.

If it is dyed by food juice white towel, can be used with strong oxidation ability of agents to clean, such as chlorine bleaching, potassium permanganate, if it is dyed after the white towel, can be used to reduce the nature of oxalic acid to clean.

Daily cleaning how to wash white towels

We usually use whitening soap, bleach, 84 disinfectant, etc to make towel is white, but the excessive use of detergent cleaning towel, and the long-term use of these not rinse clean towel, can cause damage to human skin, below small make up teach you how to correctly use the detergent, reduce detergent residue damage to us.

If the towel is yellow, or dyed badly, the towel will be smeared with white soap repeatedly rub, knead into a ball, put to one side, let stand for 5-10 minutes, pay attention not to put the white towel in the water, and then put it into the water repeatedly rub, it will make the white towel become white as new. Be sure to rinse twice more to avoid any residue.

If it is still slightly yellow, soak the towel in a solution of 84 and water for about 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Bleach is generally not recommended for our family use, because bleach is a very complex chemical composition of the cleaning agent, if you do not rinse clean, it will do great harm to the body, white towel rinse agent is generally used by the laundry, if there is no use requirements and washing, there is no need to use.

In addition to using these detergents to remove yellow stains from your towels, add two drops of pure blue ink, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice to your rinsing water to make your white towels whiter.

The above is how to wash white towel dyeing tips and white towel dyeing how to do the solution, if it helps you, please pay more attention to Qingdao Puwan household towel, we will show you more tips on towels.

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