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How to wash the towel to keep it clean

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-19

1. Care according to label instructions. 

2. Avoid overheating of water when washing. Wash dark and light towels separately. Do not wash towels with clothing containing zippers, hooks or buttons to avoid damage to the towel loops. Do not wash towels and clothing together. Terry fabrics will wrap light and soft fabrics in them, and the fine lint that comes off the towels will stick to the clothes and affect the appearance of the clothes. 

3. Choose mild detergents. Avoid pouring the detergent directly on the towel, otherwise, the residual liquid of the detergent will change the color of the towel. Minimize the use of chlorine bleach. 

4. Do not use softener frequently. After using the fabric softener containing silicone resin, a layer of silicone oil will remain, which will affect the water absorption of the towel. It is recommended to avoid using it. 

5. The washed towels are completely unfolded on the clothes rail and dried vertically. It is best to dry and then expose for ten minutes, so that the dried towels are soft and sterile. It can also be tumbled and dried in the dryer, so that the cotton towels are more fluffy and soft, but the time should not be too long. 

6. Towels are divided into dry use and wet use. Whether it is dry cleaning or wet cleaning, it will wipe the skin oil, sweat, inorganic salt and dust in the air onto the towel. Over time, the towel will harden, reduce its moisture absorption function, and be contaminated with bacteria and mold. Therefore, wipe the towels with soap or detergent immediately after scrubbing, and then use warm water to wash off the soap solution and dry them in the sun for reuse. Take care of it in time and it is easy to wash, and the towel can keep fluffy, soft and clean for a long time.

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