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How to use a hair dryer towel Two points of choosing a good hair dryer towel

by:Busyman Towels     2021-03-18

Someone may ask what is a hair dryer towel? Is it a kind of towel? Actually, yes, it is a kind of towel, but it is different from ordinary towels, to a certain extent. An advanced substitute for ordinary towels, and also a substitute for hair dryers. Let’s take a look at how to use the dry hair towel and how to choose a good dry hair towel.

How to use dry hair towel

1. Product introduction

It is an advanced substitute for ordinary towels. Its appearance allows people to get rid of the worries of hair blowing with hair dryer (making hair become more and more dry, losing its original silky touch and healthy gloss) , Because its raw material is a non-polluting high-tech new textile material, and its composition is a kind of ultra-fine fiber produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon, so it not only absorbs water, has good air permeability, but also prevents mildew. Because of this, it became a fashionable, environmentally friendly, time-saving, power-saving and non-damaging hair drying product at that time.

2. Introduction to usage

Maybe some people think this is not easy? Just use it to wipe the hair. Although that’s correct, some friends can’t use it when they use it, so the hair is still wet after rubbing it for a long time. Actually This is not sure of the correct method. So how to use the dry hair towel?

Actually, it’s very simple to say, that is, after the hair is washed, before using the dry hair towel, the hair should be combed a little, and the hair should be combed from the back to the front. The purpose of this is to avoid wiping. When the hair appears knotted.

After combing the hair, twist the hair with your hands, and then wrap the hair with half of the dry towel to absorb most of the moisture. Then use the other half to wipe carefully, starting from the area close to the scalp when wiping, so that the hair will return to dryness from the roots to the ends.

Two main points of choosing a good drying towel

1, look at the label

Products such as clothes and towels have material ingredients on their labels, and we learned above that the main material of dry hair towels is a new type of microfiber textile material, and its ingredients are mainly nylon and polyester, so Be sure to check its label when purchasing it to determine if it is genuine.

2, choose the right size according to the purpose

Actually, its function is not only reflected in dry hair. Because of its strong water absorption and easy cleaning, it has been widely used in household daily use, household cleaning, beauty and hairdressing industry, and car care. . So when choosing the actual purchase, you should choose the right size according to your own use.

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