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How to make the towel soft?

How to make the towel soft?


How to make the towel soft? After towel was used for a period of time, feel can become poor, how to make towel soft is the difficult problem that troubles a lot of people, the following BusyMan make up, bring 7 towel soft small trick for you.

If you find that the towel becomes hard, you can take the following steps to alleviate the towel problem.

1. Boil towels in lye

Put the towel into hot alkali water and cook for 5-10 minutes, then put it into clean water and dry it. Generally 1.5 kg water and 30 grams of soda can make it soft after washing.

2. Soap soaked towels

Melt the soap in warm water, then soak the towel for half an hour, then rub it vigorously, rub it, then change the water, rinse it repeatedly, and let it dry. It will make the towel soft again.

3. Soak in white vinegar

Mix white vinegar or vinegar essence into water, mixing solution is not too much, just can soak the towel, and then soak for 10 minutes, then remove the towel, repeatedly rub, rub and then clean with water. Vinegar has the effect of eliminating germs, can make the towel soft, but also can make the towel not yellow or black, restore elasticity.

4. Wash rice and boil towels

The usual rice washing water accumulated, and then put the towel into the soak for ten minutes, and then boil for about ten minutes, and then rinse the towel, repeatedly rub can be.

The above points are the methods to restore the softness of towels after they become hard. In fact, when we use, we should take good care of the towel, as far as possible to avoid towel hardening.

5. Use softener to soak and clean

Can use a bit better softener, a little bit is added when washing towel, towel can change very soft, still can purify towel yellow problem. However, the softener should not be used often, and the dosage should be small each time. After all, there are many chemical components in it, and it is easy to damage the skin if the rinsing is not clean.

Daily towel maintenance tips

1. salt wash towels

Add salt to your daily towels to make them feel softer, and salt is more harmless than those softeners. It is often used and will not harm your body. Be careful not to add too much water, as long as it can cover the towel.

2. Wash your towels often

Towel is often used, after using every time, can remain a few grease, sweat on towel, accumulate over a long period of time can make towel becomes yellow, harden even sticky. Wash regularly with soapy water, and place in a cool and ventilated place for drying, and keep dry. It is recommended that towels be replaced after 3 months, not more than 6 months. Choose and buy towels to buy regular brand towels manufacturers of towels - Qingdao Puwan household towel factory, towels are more secure.

So that's BusyMan's 7 towel softening tips for those of you who have towel problems.

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