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How to choose towel customization manufacturers?

How to choose towel customization manufacturers?


With the development of custom trend, all walks of life have begun the development of customized products, towel customization is favored by major enterprise users. This is because towel gift customization, not only moderate price practical, elegant packaging, at the same time as a gift without losing the atmosphere. In the many enterprise users who do not lazy cooperation, we found that the vast majority of users do not clearly choose the problems that towel customization manufacturers need to pay attention to, often only pay attention to the brand and price, and ignore some details.

So how to choose towel custom manufacturers?

1. Company strength

General strength of towel customization manufacturers will have their own source factory, the Internet to query the company and the factory related information and related qualifications, this is the basic understanding. At a deeper level, we need to dig out the company's history of development, user information, factory equipment and so on. If we customize large quantities of orders, these are to be understood, because the strength of the company will affect the quality of customized products and follow-up services.

2.customized product quality

You can learn about the company's products in advance, check the labels of the selected products, etc., to ensure quality. Understand the products of the company's other customers to ensure the quality of the products. If the customization cycle is tight, a sample of a customized product can be photographed or viewed in detail via video. If time permits, send samples to check the product effect, which is convenient for subsequent mass production.

3. Factory cycle

The strength of the factory to understand, the factory is fully equipped, production capacity will be very strong. Large volume procurement, short delivery time, you can choose the factory strength, this will generally be in 1-7 days or so can be delivered, do not delay the use of activities or gifts, etc..

4. After-sales service and logistics

Special attention should be paid to the time and method of logistics to ensure timely delivery. In addition, about after-sales service, because the gift towels customized, so generally do not do return processing, if there is a quality problem, to do unconditional replacement processing.

Only after understanding the above four points can we be assured to customize the products of the manufacturer. In addition, there are some small details should also pay attention to: when customizing large quantities of orders, see the relevant provisions and quality error number on the contract; In addition, must see the sample first, in order to ensure product quality, does not affect the follow-up production.

Busy Man towel gift custom, source factory, class A quality. The strength of the introduction of equipment, product quality assurance, at the same time reasonable planning of production cycle and logistics, perfect after-sales service, so that customers customize more simple, more intimate.

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