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How to buy towels?

How to buy towels?


There are also many kinds of towels on the market. In the face of so many choices, how can we choose a good towel?

1.pure cotton towel is the first choice

To all sorts of quality of a material color towel, the pure cotton towel with good water absorption, strong air permeability is the first choice of skin care. In the selection of cotton towels first to the light to see whether the color of the towel uniform, soft, color if too bright doping polyester or other fibers. At the same time, feel the softness of the towel with your hand. If it is uneven, hard stubble, or simply hard, it is not pure cotton. You can also draw out two cotton thread, if the broken sound is more crisp, that the quality is good, no crisp sound, that the quality is poor.

Inferior pure cotton towel, often not 100% pure cotton, but mixed with the chemical fiber of considerable proportion, easy pilling, with a face, obviously can stimulate the skin, so, buy quality guaranteed pure cotton towel, or should go to a special store or supermarket to buy.

2. simple sense

The simple sense of towel should be fluffy, soft, give a person a kind of comfortable and enjoyable feeling so, feel in the hand full of elasticity, stick on the face like spring breeze to stroke a face, give a person with a kind of feeling the feeling of meaning cotton, towel avoid by all means dry and hard, lest hurt your skin.

3.the color

Whether it is printed towel or plain towel, as long as the material is exquisite, the process is in place, it must be very beautiful, at a glance there is a sense of freshness, do not buy old color towel, because this towel is generally simple process, the material is very poor, harmful to health.


Towel or a kind of art, it is a kind of decoration, give a person a kind of spiritual enjoyment, put in the room any place will not spoil the scenery. Good towel pattern is clear, printing accurate, full, novel, rich sense of The Times. Avoid by all means to buy the imposter goods that be made in a poor manner, shape is like strange, lest reduce your grade, stain your bedroom.

5. Water absorption

The towel has a strong requirement for water-loving. It needs high quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking and printing and dyeing technology, and perfect testing and inspection methods. A towel that is smooth, not absorbent and not decontaminative will affect your quality of life.

The above is small make up for you to introduce how to choose and buy towels, I hope that through the skills of choosing and buying towels, can help you.

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