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How much do you know about the types of cotton towels?

How much do you know about the types of cotton towels?


When you hear pure cotton towel, we all know that pure cotton towel has good water absorption, high wear resistance and is very popular with the public. But how many people know the type of pure cotton towel? Today Xiaobian will give you the popularity of these towel technology.

Spiral towel:

Spiral towel is also called high wool ring, that is, in the processing process, the product single wool ring lengthened to one or more times of the ordinary wool ring, in order to increase the thickness of the finished product, because the lengthened wool ring propped on the surface, its use of softness is also appropriate to increase, good water absorption is the characteristic of spiral towel products.

Pure cotton towel with cut pile:

The terry ring of the ordinary cotton towel is cut to make the surface of the fabric covered with smooth fluff. The towel with cut pile can be cut on both sides. Can also be cut on one side, the other side is still a ring. The characteristic of the towel is soft and comfortable to use. For example, printing after cutting velvet can increase the decorative beauty of towel and improve the grade of products.

Satin block cotton towel:

A highly decorative cotton towel fabric. At both ends of the towel close to the plain part of the terry part of each woven a satin flower horizontal strip, in order to enhance the beauty of pure cotton towel fabric. The rising part may be formed by either a warp float or a weft float.

Jacquard towel:

Jacquard organization to form a pattern pattern, vivid image, solid texture. Divide into two kinds: flat wool jacquard and concave jacquard. The former is a pattern woven by the color yarn distribution of the wool ring; The latter uses undulating organization to form a pattern; Can also use a variety of colored wool yarn to weave a variety of monochrome and mixed color rings, configuration into a number of colors.

Pure cotton towels can have a variety of different styles, common spiral, cut velvet, plain color, printing, but also can be added to the satin file, satin edge, embroidery and other technical means. Such pure cotton towels are generally made of exquisite materials, of high quality, with fine seams, horizontal and vertical, and just right trademark sewing and so on!

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